Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an opportunity to get friends, family and workmates together by allowing people to bring food and/or drinks to an agreed meeting spot to enjoy a social feast for a good cause.

Everyone that contributes to the Biggest Morning Tea can choose to contribute a small monetary amount to help raise money to help Cancer Council beat cancer.

The event is usually held on 26th of May, however it can be held any day during the month of May or June.

The funds raised will help Cancer Council continue its research, prevention and support services

We at Stacks Goudkamp are showing our support by hosting our own Biggest Morning Tea on 20th May 2016.   We are proud to say that for years we have hosted the Biggest Morning Tea. Employees prepare and bring in an abundance of traditional food from their culture. Banners and decorations are provided by the Cancer Council, which makes it fun and bright. It brings the employees together for a good cause.

To find out more about hosting your very own morning tea, click here.