It is no surprise that dashboard cameras (or ‘dash cams’) are becoming an increasingly popular purchase amongst motorists. Not only are they useful after a car accident, but also they can save you time and money in the long run.

For those who do not know, dash cams are cameras that are placed on a vehicle’s dashboard or windscreen. The camera will generally start when a car turns on and will record everything within its field of view. This video footage can protect drivers from insurance scams, fraudulent claims, hit and run accidents and most importantly, help establish liability in motor vehicle accidents.

Often when car accidents happen, liability can become a battle between the two drivers and can lead to a ‘he said, she said’ situation. In other words, it can be difficult to establish who is at fault and whether an injured person contributed to the accident when it is one driver’s word against the other.

Dash cam footage however provides contemporaneous evidence of how an accident happened.  It can therefore help insurance companies and personal injury lawyers to determine whether an individual is at fault. Drivers that have video footage of an incident can potentially have a stronger case for compensation, as they are more likely to be able to prove negligence on part of the other driver.

While witnesses can come in handy, the selective/unreliable nature of witness testimonies cannot always be relied upon, and that is why dash cams tend to remove any existing doubt. It provides unbiased and raw footage as to who is at fault, and when properly collected, can be powerful evidence for those that are injured in motor vehicle accidents.

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Written by Vladana Vracar.

Vladana is a Law Clerk in Julie Mahony’s Practice Group. Vladana assists Julie with a variety of personal injury cases including motor vehicle accident claims. Vladana is due to be admitted as a Solicitor later this year.