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Cosmetic surgery – Think over before you make over

There are many issues to consider when contemplating cosmetic surgery, that is surgery performed for non-medical reasons.

Studies show there is an increase in the number of patients undergoing cosmetic surgery, but are the risks associated with it being under-estimated? Like any surgery it needs to be taken seriously.

As cosmetic surgery is usually performed to improve a patient’s appearance it is important to ensure that if you are considering taking this step you do your homework properly. Matters you need to research include:

  1. Check that your surgeon is properly qualified. A study in Britain found a quarter of all persons contemplating cosmetic surgery did not know if their surgeon was properly qualified. This prompted the launch of an awareness campaign called “Think over before you make over”. This study revealed 1 in 4 people contemplating cosmetic surgery did not check their doctor’s qualifications before going under the knife. Representatives of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons said the statistics in Australia were similar although they had not formally done the same survey. Patients often make decisions more on price point and accessibility than they do on who is doing the surgery and what their credentials are.
  1. Cosmetic holidays abroad are an increasingly popular option, because it is cheaper. Unfortunately it is also riskier as it is much harder to research a surgeon’s experience, qualifications and record, or the safety of the hospital you will be visiting, or to assess the care of patients before and after surgery. After care is much more difficult once you return home.
  1. Beware of the “have a go” mentality, and be careful to ascertain how many times a year your surgeon performs the procedure you are contemplating. Specialist colleges recommend your surgeon should be performing at least 20 of the operations a year to keep his or her skills up.

Beware post-surgery blues

Psychological evaluations are important to assess your reasons or motives for undergoing cosmetic surgery. Studies have shown that even when cosmetic surgery achieves a good aesthetic result patients may remain unhappy. There are many reasons for this including those patients expect that physical change will result in an improved life, and are let down by the reality. Deep disappointment may also occur if the result is not perfect.

It is very important to carefully consider your aims and motivation when agreeing to undergo cosmetic surgery.

If you believe you have suffered injury as a result of poorly performed cosmetic surgery then you may have a claim against the surgeon who performed the surgery. If you would like more information about medical negligence claims and what you can do call Stacks Goudkamp on 1800 25 1800 or make an online enquiry for a free no obligation consultation.

Written by Julie Mahony.

Julie Mahony is the head of the Medical Negligence practice group, and has extensive experience in acting for people who have suffered injury from medical negligence incidents.

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