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Don’t be lost in translation – We speak your language

Australia is a multicultural country, and proud to be so. We welcome people from all countries and backgrounds, which makes our strength as a cosmopolitan country.

But what happens when you are injured and English is not your native language or simply you feel more at ease speaking your own language? Who do you turn to? Where do you seek help? Being confronted with a life-changing injury and the claims procedure that goes with it can be stressful. Having a skilled lawyer at your side who can speak your language can help relieve a large part of the uncertainties a claim can bring.

If you are, or you know of, an overseas resident who has been injured in Australia, you (or they) may be entitled to compensation under relevant Australian legislation. Making enquiries with us first as to your potential rights and entitlements may save doubling up on legal bills and will guarantee the most efficient use of the compensation system.

Here at Stacks Goudkamp we are lucky to have a team of excellent lawyers and staff who speak a number of languages. For a full list of our supported languages, please click here.

Even if your language is not on our list, you can find comfort in knowing that our empathetic lawyers are used to language barriers and we can always arrange an interpreter to facilitate communication.

If you, or somebody you know, has been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. To speak to one of our lawyers or to arrange a free no obligation assessment of your claim, please call us on 1800 45 8142 or alternatively, make an online enquiry.

Written by Cali Baldwin.

Cali Baldwin is a Senior Associate in Ian Chipchase and Anna Tavianatos’ Practice Group. ¬†Cali assists Ian and Anna with a variety of matters, including superannuation claims.¬†

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