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Personal injury success stories: where clients are now (Part 2)

At Stacks Goudkamp, we have acted for thousands of injured people across a wide range of personal injury claims. The majority of our clients only require the services of a personal injury lawyer once in their lives, and we hope they never need our help again.

Occasionally we get to find out the impact our work has had on our client’s lives. I recently contacted one of my old client’s, Belinda to find out how her life has changed as a result of the work we did for her.

In 2011 Belinda was on her way to work when she was involved in a terrifying accident. A drunk driver travelling in the opposite direction to Belinda lost control of his car. The first Belinda saw of the vehicle was when it was immediately in front of her in her lane careering sideways towards her. The cars collided head on and Belinda injured her neck and her knee.

Belinda’s most serious injury, her neck, has caused her constant severe pain since the accident. At that time she was working on a chicken farm doing manual labour which involved a lot of heavy lifting. Her neck pain caused migraine type headaches and she was forced to reduce her hours.

Belinda was trapped in a cycle where her work made her pain worse, but she couldn’t afford to relocate to find work that wasn’t as physically demanding. We were able to obtain a very good settlement for Belinda with a large proportion of that settlement being made up of economic loss.

It has now been two years since Belinda received her compensation.  She continues to experience neck pain and has had to learn to live with that. The compensation she received allowed her to relocate to Queensland where she has now secured a part-time job that doesn’t worsen her neck pain.

Belinda said her settlement has allowed her financial security.  She is able to take time off work when she needs to, can afford the best possible treatment, and she does not have the additional stress of paying overdue bills.

Belinda will continue to have difficulty working long term, but her healthy financial situation makes early retirement a feasible option for her.

Belinda’s case is a reminder that not all of our clients will recover their pre-accident health, but we can assist them to receive financial compensation for their loss and give them the financial security that they need to get on with their lives and concentrate on their health.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers are available to answer any enquiries you may have in relation to your rights after an accident, including motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence, injuries at work, public liability accidents, or injuries overseas. To speak to one of our helpful lawyers or to arrange a free no obligation assessment of your claim, please call us on 1800 25 1800 or contact us online.

Written by Alexander Morrison.

Alexander Morrison is an Associate and Solicitor in Victoria Roy’s Practice Group.  Alex has a varied practice including motor vehicle claims and public liability claims that occur both within Australia and overseas.


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