The personal injury lawyers here at Stacks Goudkamp have acted for thousands of injured people in a wide range of personal injury claims. Most of our clients only require the services of a personal injury lawyer once in their life and it is hoped that once their case resolves they will never require our services again.

We rarely get to find out the impact that our work has had on our client’s lives. I contacted a number of our old clients to find out how their lives had changed.

Andrew was working as a chauffeur heading to Sydney Airport when he was injured in a motor vehicle accident in 2010.  He had stopped his limousine at the end of a traffic jam on Southern Cross Drive when he saw a vehicle in his rear vision mirror coming towards him at about 80 kilometres per hour.  The other driver apparently hadn’t noticed the stopped traffic and ploughed directly into the back of Andrew’s car.

Andrew was incredibly lucky not to suffer any serious physical injuries, but the near death experience triggered a very severe psychiatric condition.  He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Andrew, as the operator of his own small business, had a complex financial situation.  We examined all of Andrew’s financial records and were able to establish that although he continued to work following the accident, his health condition meant he was unable to work at the same capacity and a percentage of his work was being sent elsewhere.

We were able to obtain a very good settlement for Andrew with a large proportion of that settlement being made up of economic loss.

It has now been some years since Andrew received his compensation.  He continues to require a significant amount of treatment and his psychiatric condition has not improved.  However, the compensation he received has given him financial security.  He can afford to take time off work when he needs to, can afford the best possible treatment, and he does not have the additional stress of paying overdue bills.

Andrew will continue to have difficulty working long term, but his healthy financial situation makes early retirement a feasible option for him.

Andrew’s case is a reminder that not all of our clients will recover their pre-accident health, but we can assist them to receive financial compensation for their loss and give them the financial security that they need to get on with their lives and concentrate on their health.

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Written by Alexander Morrison.

Alexander Morrison is a Solicitor in Victoria Roy’s Practice Group.  Alex has a varied practice including motor vehicle claims and public liability claims that occur both within Australia and overseas.