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What is the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office?

In 2012 the Workers Compensation Act NSW (1987) and the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 were amended with the Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment Act 2012.

The Workers Compensation Independent Review Office, or WIRO is an independent office established by the Government because of the 2012 Amendments.   WIRO allows workers to be able to have their rights when it comes to Insurance companies not abiding by time limits or not treating an injured worker fairly.

One of the many 2012 Amendments is that an injured worker is required to pay for their own legal fees. WIRO was also established to pay for an injured person’s legal fees. Here at Stacks Goudkamp we are all ILARS approved specialists, which means we can assist you in putting an Application for ILARS Grant. We complete an Application with a description of why we believe your claim is successful, together with evidentiary documents to assist. We submit your application to WIRO and usually within a week receive a response advising us whether or not your application for legal funding is approved. If your application is approved the Government pays for you legal fees together with medical reports we intend to rely upon which means that you will not be out of pocket.

If you have decided not to continue with a Workers Compensation Claim because you cannot afford the legal fees and are not aware of WIRO, please contact us on 1800 25 1800, or, make an online enquiry, and speak to one of our friendly Workers Compensation experts.

Written by Faye Salameh.

Faye Salameh is a para-legal to Ian Chipchase and Ryan Brown. She has experience acting for clients in workers compensation claims and motor vehicle accidents.

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