Helping employees achieve rewarding and desirable outcomes in the employment law space.

At Stacks Goudkamp we know employees face many challenges in their workplaces regarding employment and safety matters. As is often the case, employees may try to deal with and resolve these challenges alone, but at Stacks Goudkamp we can advise and support employees on what employment based strategies you may need to consider when confronting employment issues that can include: possible unfair dismissal, discrimination in the workplace, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, sick leave or extended periods of sick leave, performance management and improvement processes, and complaints and inquiries to your employer about your employment.

We understand the importance of acting promptly to address your employment issues in circumstances that may be creating pressure, anxiety and uncertainty for you in your workplace. At Stacks Goudkamp, we work with employees to advise, support and advocate on your employment, safety, workplace relations and workers compensation matters by providing you with cost effective, pragmatic advice in an easily understood format to better prepare you for your current workplace challenges. This is about helping employees mitigate the risks and challenges they may encounter in their workplace.

At Stacks Goudkamp we have the drive, experience and expertise to help and support you in getting a handle on your matter quickly so that you may be better placed to make informed decisions about your employment circumstances. When required, we will vigorously defend your position and advocate to protect your rights through a range of options, including: conciliation, mediation, alternative dispute resolution and/or litigation.

The Benefits

The benefits of Stacks Goudkamp approach in helping you address and deal with your employment and safety issues, can include:

  • Greater clarity for you in understanding your options, particularly in relation to unfair dismissal, general protection (adverse action), and bullying, harassment and sexual harassment claims
  • Focusing your attention on the key issues in play and what course of action you may need to follow to appropriately address concerns presented to you by your employer
  • Helping you create a safer workplace, particularly where bullying, harassment and sexual harassment issues have been identified as creating an unsafe environment for you

At Stacks Goudkamp you can draw on our capability, knowledge and expertise to help and support you in your quest to deal with employment related issues, including:

Our Areas of Expertise

*   “No Win No Fee” only applies to personal injury matters. Please read the disclaimer here.