Motorcycle Injury Compensation

Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users.  If you have been injured in a motorbike accident, it is therefore important that your lawyer understands the issues that confront you as a motorcyclist.

If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident, either as a driver or a pillion passenger, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Our specialist compensation lawyers at Stacks Goudkamp will advise you on your rights and bring a compensation claim on your behalf.

If the driver of a vehicle caused your accident, we will lodge a compensation claim with their compulsory third party (CTP) insurer.  If the accident was caused by poor road conditions or poor road layout, we will advise you on that too.

Under ‘blameless accident’ legislation in NSW, you may be entitled to compensation if nobody was at fault for your accident, for example if you were a pillion passenger and your driver swerved to avoid wildlife.  You may even be entitled to compensation if you were partially to blame for the accident yourself.

We will explain your rights and deal with the insurer for you, taking away the stress of bringing a claim and helping you get back on your feet.

Over our 40 years experience we have successfully represented countless motorcyclists and pillion passengers who have been injured in motorbike accidents with wide ranging physical and psychological injuries.

As well as assisting clients who have been injured in NSW, we have helped clients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents across Australia and overseas.

To read some examples of our successful motorcycle accident claims, visit our case studies page here.

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Motorcycle Accident Compensation Case Studies

Our client was enjoying a motor cycle ride with friends in the country when a car coming in the other direction wiped her out and the driver failed to take a corner at a safe speed.

As a consequence our client suffered massive orthopaedic injuries which resulted in her being hospitalised for over a year.  She had to undergo multiple operations and she faces the prospects of further surgery in the future.

It is unlikely that our client, who was in her early 50s at the time, will ever be able to resume work.

After protracted negotiations with the insurer and its lawyer the case was settled for a very substantial sum.

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