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Patron Safety Claims

When a fun night out ends in assault, the consequences can be devastating. As well as claiming Victims Compensation, you might be eligible for additional compensation if you can prove that the assault was caused by the negligence of the hotel’s staff or security personnel. Examples of such claims are assaults caused by drunk patrons who have been served excessive alcohol by bar staff in breach of Responsible Service of Alcohol regulations, and assaults which should have been prevented by security staff.

Patron safety claims are complex. If you have been assaulted as a result of hotel or security staff negligence, you should seek legal advice from an expert in this area of personal injury law.

For information about our successful claims in this area, read our case studies page.

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Patron Safety Claims case studies:


Sharon was a patron at an inner city hotel when she had a glass thrown at her by an intoxicated and aggressive patron. The Patron was intoxicated prior to entering the establishment, and in the face of security at the front door being aware of his heavily intoxicated state and aggressive nature, they allowed him into the pub. He continued to be loud and aggressive, and despite this he was not escorted off the

premises. For no apparent reason he then threw a glass at Sharon. As a result, she sustained lacerations to her face. Fortunately she made a very good recovery and was left with minor and almost undetectable scarring. The claim was made against the licensee of the inner city pub and Sharon was successful in achieving a very good settlement. She was delighted with the result.

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