Passengers Injured in Turbulence

On 11 July 2019 an Air Canada flight en route to Sydney ran into intense turbulence. There are reports that dozens of passengers were injured in the turbulence. The turbulence hit at such force that numerous passengers were shot up into the air, hitting the ceiling.
The intense turbulence is said to have been difficult to predict and it was sudden. Experts are saying that this was a phenomenon called “clear air” turbulence which is linked to certain wind patterns that result in it not being visible to forecasters and radar systems. Climate change is apparently a factor which is expected to lead to more occurrences of clear air turbulence.
Stacks Goudkamp urges any passengers injured in turbulence during air travel to seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible. Aircraft passengers potentially have compensation rights against airlines for such accidents and incidents. The relevant laws are unique and complex. In basic terms, whether an airline is liable to pay compensation does not necessarily depend on ‘fault’ or ‘negligence’ on its part for the injuries. Also, there are short and strict deadlines for initiating a claim for compensation.

Any passengers injured in turbulence are therefore urged to act quickly to protect their rights.

Written by Rita Yousef

Rita Yousef is a solicitor in our Travel Law Practice Group. Rita represents people in a wide variety of matters including travel claims, motor vehicle accidents, public liability claims.

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