Why Choose Stacks Goudkamp for your Compensation Claim?

There are many personal injury law firms in New South Wales, particularly in Sydney.

Most of these firms have impressive websites.  They also offer to act for injured people on a “no win, no fee” basis.  So does Stacks Goudkamp.

Then what sets Stacks Goudkamp apart from other personal injury law firms?

  • Every person at Stacks Goudkamp has a very caring attitude towards our injured clients. We take time to patiently listen to our clients so that we can understand what they are going through.
  • We keep our clients informed about their claims and discuss our strategy with them to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved.
  • We let our clients know what to expect. For example, we let them know how they are likely to be treated by insurance company doctors, whether their claims are likely to be settled or will have to go to court for a formal hearing.
  • We prepare assessments of our clients’ claims well before settlement conferences or a court hearing. We do this to give our clients a realistic assessment of the compensation they are likely to receive.
  • We discuss our assessment of compensation with our clients so that they can make informed decisions. I often hear that some lawyers simply ask their clients “What do you want?” without giving their clients any guidance as to what compensation they can expect to receive.
  • Our clients are not lawyers.  They need to be informed on all aspects of their claim so they can make the right decision.  We take the responsibility and the time to explain what compensation is likely to be available based on the medical and other evidence we have gathered during the course of the claim.
  • We never pressure our clients to accept any offers. We are here to guide our clients, not to tell them what to do.
  • We answer our clients’ emails and return our clients’ phone calls promptly, day or night. We are fully aware that injured people are under stress and can be easily frustrated and become angry if their lawyers are slow to respond.
  • We always treat our clients with dignity and respect. They deserve nothing less.
  • As soon as we receive instructions from an injured person to act we spring into action. If liability is likely to be disputed by the insurer we visit the scene as soon as possible, before road and other conditions change.  We also interview witnesses before memories fade.  If there is a claim for loss of earnings we interview our client’s work colleagues and others to obtain the evidence needed to support the claims.  In our experience our cases are won by what we do early in a case, rather than what we do at the end.
  • If our clients have serious injuries and in particular mobility problems we visit them at their homes, rather than have them battle their way through traffic to come to us.
  • Unlike most managing directors of personal injury law firms I remain closely involved in our clients’ cases. I work “at the coalface”.

If you or anyone you know has been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. For more information, and to arrange a free, no-obligation assessment of your claim, please call Stacks Goudkamp on 1800 25 1800, or alternatively make an online enquiry.

Written by Tom Goudkamp OAM

Tom Goudkamp OAM is the Managing Director of Stacks Goudkamp. He has over 40 years of experience of successfully bringing compensation claims for people injured in motor vehicle accidents.