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Hi Tom What has opened my eyes throughout this whole process is the amount of people I have met who have survived an accident BUT not survived the whole process of making a claim. I appreciate they make it difficult to put off the unethical in our society from making a false claim but also made me wonder how many injured people are sitting behind closed doors suffering and alone and living a half life.

I remember the day in hospital when, on the advice of the Social Worker that my recovery would be a very long one and we needed legal help. I was still heavily medicated and burst into tears saying I didn’t do anything wrong I was just driving home so why do we need a lawyer.

Thank goodness we contcted your office as we had no idea how complicated everything could get or how long my recovery would take and who knew my partner, who had never been in hospital before would also have a life threatening experience too.

So again a huge thank you for the amount of work you have put in on my behalf.

You definitely made this whole journey easier to navigate.

Thanks and kindest regards