Stacks Goudkamp Testimonials


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I contacted Stacks Goudkamp and spoke with Anna Tavianatos around May 2020 in regards to my case where I was bullied and discriminated against myself and there was also external intimidation via 2 ex-employees. I supplied Anna with the required information and she could see the I had been through and took up my case. Anna was caring, explaining everything that was required to start the case. Any documents that I had to complete there was instructions sent, if I needed any help with completing documents or had any questions Anna was also available to speak with me. Each step was explained in terms I could understand and pre-empting what could or could not be the outcome and what may or may not happen and the ways in which we would take the required actions. Anna got the required outcome for my compensation claim and she will now take on the matter of neglect against my ex-employer, which she will walk me through over the next week.