Thank you so much for your email Tracey.

Julie and Mark, I just want to say thank you so much for your help in this. Thank you for your time, and for your support and hard work on my behalf. I really appreciate your communication, and Mark, for your extra time explaining things clearly and simply while answering my questions.

— TB

Good morning Anna and Rene

I wanted to pass my utmost thanks and gratitude onto you both for your hard work and perseverance of my matters. I can only say that it is greatly appreciated by me and my family.

Thanks for not giving up on me, always being delightful to me and giving my case your best.We’re all glad its over and we can soon close that chapter. You’ve both made a real difference to our lives. Thank you.

— JP and family

Good Morning Karina

I wish you the best and thank you personally for your compassion and effort throughout this time – not sure I could have done it without you in my corner. This changed my life in such a negative way but you have helped reset me to keep going and take care of myself and family.

— JM

Hey Sam,

Thank you so much for your time,  patience and guidance. It has been a pleasure going through this otherwise arduous process made so much more tolerable because of you.

You are a credit to your firm and to your craft and if I ever need it or know someone who does you will be my first recommendation.

All the best for the rest of 2020, I hope it’s filled with nothing but happiness for you and your family.


— JN

Hi Alex,

I would just like to thank yourself, Jane & Helen in particular, as well as anyone who has been involved behind the scenes. From the get go you have all made me feel well informed & well supported. There was never a moment where I doubted that you all had my best interests at heart & that I could be confident in being guided by your recommendations. I personally have struggled with the process of continuously recounting my experiences and focusing on the prospective issues I am likely to have from my injuries, but I am glad that we all stuck it out to the end & got a result I am very happy with and thankful for.

I will keep an eye out for the settlement documents today & get them back to you in the next day.

Kind regards,

— ZC

I am still so grateful that you that you managed to settle the case.

How nice of Tom, I could hug him right now if I wasn’t 16.653 km away, and well, COVID-19…

Thanks again.

— DC

Following a motor accident in late 2017 I was trying to deal with the Insurance Company for compensation by myself. Two years later they informed me that my claim was being denied.

I was very fortunate to be introduced to solicitors –  Stacks Goudkamp.

An interview with Tom Goudkamp and Karina Goodall resulted in their taking up my case. After six months of  dealing and negotiations with the Insurance Company a very favorable settlement was achieved.

I would very much like to express my thanks and appreciation to Tom, Karina and their team for the diligent work and negotiating skills in achieving a fine result.


Hi Jane

I will be more than happy to give you a glowing review and will definitely recommend you to anyone I know whose is in need of your services. It’s been lovely dealing with you and Alex.

Kindest regards

— B & P

Dear Karina:

Thank you for your email. I’m so glad that I have found you, it means a lot to me that knowing that was not fully my fault, even the driver had 80% of fault.

Thank you again, can’t express how much I’m appreciated with this letter.

Kind regards

— AW

Hi Con

What a relief for us, this is an excellent result…I think we can sleep a bit better tonight.

Thank you, to you and all your staff for such hard work in such difficult circumstances.  We will await for your next update and what you need me to sign.

Take care & talk soon.

— DT

Thankyou so much Linda, I can’t thank you ALL enough for what you have done for me. I may have this injury for life but you have certainly helped me to get back on with my life and have a much better outlook than I did when we first met.

Julie, words will never be enough to show you my gratitude.
Reham, what a divine human you are, there should be more of you in the world. Good Luck with your hubby, and I am sure when the time is right, you will be an amazing mummy!
Linda, the most important part $$$ Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for allowing my car to finally rest.
I can not remember the names of the gentlemen that we saw through zoom. But this may only be a small amount to you, and a small case, but thank you for fighting my side.
You have not just changed my life, but you have helped me believe there are good people out there doing extraordinary things for us little people.

— SW


I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and standing by me, even when I wanted to give up. Thank you for showing me you care for me as a person and not just a claim. Take care and I wish you all the best, that life has to offer you.

— TB

Dear Karina – I am so overwhelmed & grateful to you for your action on the weekend – it really was above and beyond, but very much appreciated. I sincerely hope you managed to find time for some R & R for yourself!!

— RH

“I am in tears reading it. I just want to say how grateful I am that you are my solicitor”

— JM

I would like to sincerely thank Tom and Karina for their incredible advice, support and expertise provided to me and my family throughout our claim process journey. We were provided an exceptional level of service throughout my motorcycle accident claim. Every step of the process both Tom and Karina communicated openly so we were well aware of what was happening along the way. Karina and Tom were kind, empathetic and caring. They made multiple home visits to our home 6 hours away from their office and were very genuine in wanting to know our story.

We will never be able to thank them both enough along with our Barrister Bill Fitzsimmons for guiding and representing me. I was awarded an excellent outcome based on the hard work of this incredible team.

My family and I are now able to move on with our lives. We will be forever grateful for their amazing professionalism and dedication to my case.

— JK and family

Dear Stacks Goudkamp

I’d like to pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the hard work and support that I have received over the years during a very difficult time after my career came to a grinding halt in the NSW Police Force. I was privileged to have been provided with excellent legal advice and care during my Work Injury Damages and my TPD claims. Cali Baldwin went above and beyond for me at all times, her level of compassion and empathy was amazing during my darkest days. Cali successfully settled a very difficult matter with the Insurer and never wavered in her approach. I am very grateful for the service and level of care that Cali and her team provided me during very difficult periods. I would highly recommend Cali as finding someone who is empathetic and sincere to advocate for you when your knowledge of  litigation is limited. Cali guided me out of some very difficult circumstances as my case was quite complex and still managed to successfully claim. I can now move on with my life in a positive sense and am very grateful to have met such a wonderful woman.

Kind regards


Hi Rita,

Just a short note to say thank you again. I am very happy with the outcome. It is enough to make a great difference to me going forward.

Wishing for you to be showered with grace from this day into the future. I found all of my dealings with you easy and pleasant. Stay well.


— HS

Hello Rita,

I don’t know that I can thank you and Tom enough for negotiating such a great outcome for me. It was a little surreal and a bit overwhelming to take in the settlement and the fact that it is all pretty much finally over.

I have a whole lot less to worry about financially as regards to my future now. So that helps me overall a great deal.

I really appreciate all your efforts representing me over the past 3 years and am so pleased I went with Stacks Goudkamp.

Take care.

— SM

Good afternoon Rita

I just want to say thank you for all your guidance and support over the time you have taken over the proceedings. I have really appreciated your understanding even though their was distance of miles between us .

Your professionalism was truely evident but at the same time your heart and mind was also cognitively aware that I needed to understand processes and your understanding was clearly evident.

Could I also ask that you also pass on my sincere gratitude to Alexander Morrison who commenced this process in 2017 and Victoria Roy .

In addition thanks to Jane Moore-Williams and Victoria Buda.

— DR

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to drop you a quick thank you note for all the incredible support given to me by Cali during my recent successful TPD claim.

She was at all times quick to respond, accurate and succinct in her communications and most of empathetic and patient with me when the insurer was taking so long to respond and it was taking its toll on my mental health.

I imagine you receive the occasional complaint from a difficult client but very rarely receive a thank you note from a grateful client. All I can say is that Cali is a superb person and a real asset to have on your team.

Best regards,

— BK

Hi Tom

I would just like to let you know how happy I am with Rita Yousef and Ryan handling my mediation yesterday. They were both very professional in the matter of my claim, they both spoke clearly to help me understand my options and we agreed on a fair figure that I’m very happy with . I’d also like to thank Patrice as she had a key role in receiving information from me and getting it to Rita as I am not good with computers and emails but Patrice helped me to get the correct information to Rita.

I thought I would send this directly to you to show my appreciation of all the work that Rita, Patrice and Ryan have put into my claim and I will be highly recommending your company to anyone that is need of professional advice or a possible claim.

Thanking you.

— HE

My career in the New South Wales Police Force was brought to a sudden and unexpected end. I quickly found myself in a position where,  due to both a physical and mental issue, everything in my life was rapidly changing. Everything I knew, and had, from self-worth to family, was suddenly at risk. Enter Stacks Goudkamp.

My work damages claim, which then rolled into a claim for Total and Permanent Disability, was not an easy one. In fact, it took years. This was compounded by the fact that two insurers were involved, as one had just taken over from the other, and I of course, was medically discharged right in the middle of the changeover. So, you can imagine how they fought with each other, as well as with Stacks. This required an added level of many things, patience, tenacity, compassion, knowledge, research, all of which were displayed, as expected by Ian Chipchase, by then somewhat surprisingly by Cali Baldwin. I say this because I was not expecting a level of service equivalent to Ian’s, once he retired. But let me assure you, Cali was brilliant.

My case looked destined for an average result many times, but this was where Cali dug in. She probably wouldn’t want me to say this (so as not to set a precedent), but the late-night calls and emails only demonstrated to me how hard working and dedicated to her work she is. She surprised me many times by knowing things about my file that I wouldn’t have expected her to know. And most importantly, she was personally responsible for a late negotiation which saw my settlement amount increase significantly. There is no way of avoiding how scripted this might sound, but it’s an absolute fact, Ian and more specifically Cali, changed my life, by allowing me to find a way to get my life back.

Forever Grateful

—  CF

I can’t thank Karina and Tom enough for making the overwhelming complexity of seeking a just outcome from my accident, as smooth and efficient as it was. Their combined experience proved I was in the right hands and have made it possible to move on with life with a satisfying resolution.

I thoroughly recommend contacting them as the first choice.

— RB

After an unfortunate accident at an ill-equipped workplace I was left with a serious spinal injury to my lower back at age 27. I had two major spinal operations to follow in the coming years. I was left with little to no assurance about my future and what if any financial support I would receive from the company I had worked for. However with the hard work of Samantha De Freitas from Stacks Goudkamp I received double the amount offered by the insurance company which has helped me to get back on my feet without having to worry about my future medical expenses.

As difficult as this experience has been, Samantha’s professionalism and compassion has helped me to get throughout this lengthy and stressful ordeal. I would highly recommend Samantha De Freitas as a legal representative to anyone in the same or similar potion as myself.


Dear Karina,

I returned home yesterday to find Tom’s letter and cheque.

Thank you both very much for acting on my behalf and obtaining such an excellent result. It was a pleasure meeting you both.

With thanks,

— MP

Dear Tom,

I am most grateful for your help and effort!  Without you and Karina’s work I don’t think I could have achieved this result, which helped me immensely in my entire life and my son’s future.  I am sure that I will thank you in person later on. :)
— GG

Hi Jane

Thanks for the update. And I wanted to thank you for your patience, professionalism and understanding over the past 5 years. I can only say it has been a tough few years, but without you and Alex being there for me I don’t know where I would be today.
Truly, thank you, you have made what was a terrible period in my life a lot easier as I have always known I had you and Alex in my corner.

Dear Tom and Karina,

Thank you for your recent update, its great news. It is fantastic that we have passed this major hurdle and I wanted to thank you both for all your hard work and support during this process. I know it has been challenging at times, but I do appreciate it.
— HS

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the fantastic service and attention I experienced with Stacks Goudkamp. I can’t praise and thank them enough for the help I received with their team.  I have special thanks to Anna Tavianatos. I found her so professional and very helpful. I really felt very comfortable and I knew my claim was going to be taken care of with this firms help.

And as it turned out I was successful with my claim for compensation and I can honestly say that I owe it all to Stacks Goudkamp and to their great staff.
In closing I would totally recommend this firm for anyone seeking legal help – like I said I cannot thank Stacks Goudkamp and all of their staff enough.


Hello Tom

I am a client of your firm and am being represented by Sylva Dankha. I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure working with her.

She combines obvious professional knowledge and a razor sharp memory with genuine personal warmth and a gentle sense of humour. In addition, she happily makes herself available pretty much at my convenience. All this might not be a unique combination within the profession but it’s certainly not common. It’s reassuring to feel that my case in in such good hands.


— GS

I would like to thank Stacks Goudkamp, and in particular Karina Goodall, for all the work she did in regards to my case.  Without her the outcome may of been totally different so once again thankyou Stacks Goudkamp and Karina for everything.

— MM

Dear Karina and Tom,

It is hard to put five years into one letter of how thankful I am to have had you by my side . You have been my rock in this very difficult time. You have been so understanding, compassionate, and professional.

Karina, you have been so driven to making sure my injury wouldn’t affect my entire life and determined to get the best outcome for me and my family. There was many times I wanted to give up and was very close to ending it all for a less then ideal amount, but your support and compassion restored my faith in the system.

I can’t describe or show how thankful I am for all the work you and the team put in, the weekend emails and late night calls to keep me in the know.

When it was time to settle, your fearlessness in negotiating an amount showed as we were able to settle for more then we could ever of dreamt of. You have set us up for life, and made it alot easier to re-establish my life with my injury.

It is bittersweet as I feel like I’m saying goodbye to a dear friend and support network even though you have said you’re still here if I’m in need.

For loss of a better word, Thank you so much for everything!


Hi Karina

Yes we are both well thanks and hope you are well too.

We would like to thank you and Tom over the past years with handling our case and glad it’s finally resolved. Most appreciated with the help and advice given. It was a pleasure meeting you both.😁

— DT

Dear Tom and Karina,

Thank you for your recent update, its great news.
It is fantastic that we have passed this major hurdle and I wanted to thank you both for all your hard work and support during this process. I know it has been challenging at times, but I do appreciate it.

— HS

After my bicycle accident I was pretty badly injured and was told I should put in a third party claim. I found out putting in a claim can be quite difficult to navigate. Karina made the process effortless and got a great result for me. Cannot thank her enough for her help and the caring manner she dealt with all my queries.

Thanks Karina.

— RC

Dearest Tom,

I am the luckiest one to meet you and have your help after the unlucky car accident. You saved my life and my hope!

Best regards

— GG

Dear Tom

My case settled in May with a good outcome. I wanted to pass on positive feedback on the team which comprised of Anna, Sue and Rene. They were very professional, timely and helped me navigate a difficult time in my life.
Before Anna was working on the case, Ian Chipchase was. I will be forwarding an email to Anna which she will forward to Ian.
Kind regards,

— MB

Dear Tom and Rita

I want to thank you for all your effort. I am delighted that you are representing me. I admire your strategy , which reminds me of the advertising legend, Leo Burnett’s approach to life: “When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”

— KN

Hi Con,
Thank you so much for taking care of my case.  I truly appreciate your time efforts and advice you put in my case.  It was quite a long and upsetting process.  Without you the process might be taking longer to resolve.
Once again thanks for everything and big thanks to Samantha and to your team!
Kind Regards

— VT

Thank you so much Anna for all your help in the last few years!!!!

It means so much and it is so appreciated 😀😀😀 Your help and excellent expertise has made my life a lot easier then it would otherwise be.

— YU

I am so thankful there are people like Tom and Karina who help families like mine. We had a terrible car accident with the whole family which killed my father and seriously injured my little brother and me. Our dream holiday in Australia turned into a nightmare and when we got back home to Germany we did not even get time to grieve. Our life changed completely in one second. We were so lucky Tom was recommended to us by one of his former clients! Tom and Karina were very understanding and we felt that they really care about their clients. When we met them in Germany they took a lot of time for us and answered all our questions. They were also very patient when we took ages to answer emails because it sometimes was too hard for us to focus on the accident. I have to admit I was a bit worried at the beginning because I did not know anything about laws in Australia but Tom and Karina took a lot of time to explain everything to me and made sure I understood. In the end everything happened exactly as they had been telling us or it even turned out better.

— FM

Dear Anna,

I would just like to thank you for all the help and support you have given me with my TPD clam for my injury. Without your help I wouldn’t of been able to do this myself. Your support and assistance was outstanding and I would recommend you to anyone.
Once again THANK YOU.

— MR

Dear Karina and Dear Tom

Thanks a lot for the documents and the money transfer. We are icredibly thankful to be able to complete this case after such a long time

We would also like to thank you for the excellent cooperation in recent years. your natural, approachable and kind nature has helped us to get through this intense period of investigation and negotiation. The unborn baby is fine and we expect the birth in the next few days. We now we wish you both professionally and privately all the best, lots of strength and best health!

Best wishes
— B & R

Hi Con

Thank you again for everything. You have been wonderful.
— GT

Dear Tom and Karina,
I could write a book as to how the last 4 years would have been so different if not for Tom and all the team at Stacks and Goudkamp.
I was referred to Stacks by a friend while laying in hospital after an accident. Being a working husband, father of 4 and very active, the accident and what the future held was extremely frightening until I spoke with Tom and his team.
The support, assistance, advice from the first conversation till even after the settlement was second to none from the team at Stacks. I actually felt part of a family that was there to really help.
Four years on and after the many downs, my children and I have our lives back. We have been able to rebuild a life that now suits us post accident.
We are unable to THANK YOU all enough, but know that you have changed our lives for the better in so many ways since the accident.
Wishing you all the best in everything to you and your team.
Warmest regards
— AC

Hello Anna,

My apologies for not having written earlier, to be honest I was taking a big break from having to think about our case. Firstly, I would liketo thank you for being such a genuine and approachable person during what has been possibly the most stressful time of our life.
You were always available to explain and advise us of different issues as they arose, and your demeanour was reassuring at times when we both felt quite
overwhelmed. You were far superior to both of the barristers and we appreciate having had you on our team.
— AT

Good morning Karina, I hope you are well too. God Bless you. This news has made me very emotional. I am so happy. I can’t thank you enough. You have have done so much for me.

— EI

Hi Cali,

Once again I want to thank you for your efforts and getting a wonderful outcome. Once you took over my case I did feel at ease from day one. I felt you were putting in from your heart and that’s where I knew you were different from other legal professionals. Thankyou so much.

Kind Regards
— M

We have been mandated by a young Australian who has been seriously injured in Switzerland to claim damages and compensation for pain and suffering. It was a highly complex international situation, both in terms of the facts of the case and in legal terms, in which we could always count on the excellent cooperation with STACKS GOUDKAMP. The lawyers provided us with all the necessary support in the enforcement of the injured person’s claims in Switzerland by providing us with comprehensive medical records and reports. Thanks to their cooperation we were able to achieve an outstanding result for our client. We can unreservedly recommend STACKS GOUDKAMP to others.

— Schadenanwaelte, Fachanwaltskanzlei für Haftpflichtrecht, Switzerland

I highly recommend Cali Baldwin and Ian Chipchase of Stacks Goudkamp to provide expert legal advice… They provided me with excellent professional support, answered all questions and successfully resolved my MVA personal injury compensation claim so I could remain focussed on my rehabilitation and recovery.–

— DD

Dear Cali,
I am so grateful to have you as my lawyer. The results you achieved with my TPD claim were perfect and your kind-hearted support has given me validation and self-confidence during such an emotional period of my life. It is reassuring to know there are good people like you in the world helping those who have experienced workplace bullying and discrimination. Thank you.
— TC

Dear Karina,

I am very grateful for your support, high level of professionality & skills, broad-mindedness, wonderful result and many more. My case was complex but you have handled with persistence, confidence, motivation and cleverness.

At the beginning, it was very hard for me to shop around and decide who to use in my case but after two phone calls you have gained my trust and respect. I have been through many other legal cases either personal or for work, but this case even it is the longest (12 months) but it was with minimum stress.

Thank you for all the smart works and time put in for me and for providing me with valuable legal advices throughout my entire claim process. It is much appreciated. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and I wish you all the best in life and have no hesitation recommending Karina in the future.

— TT

To Cali, Sylva and Renee
Although it was a traumatic period in my life I want to thank all of you for making the experience easier and more comforting. You guided me through the situation with professionalism and precision. I am more than happy with the result.
Kind regards,


Dear Rita

I have been informed that you won’t be handling my case. I just wont to say it was nice to have met you and you made me feel safe and comfortable talking about things that I don’t usually talk about. I’m an anxious and somewhat awkward person at times but after talking to you I left feeling a little stronger. Thank you for the time and hard work you spent on me . It was very nice to have met you. Thank you.


— KB

Dear Karina

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting us throughout this entire case. We are forever grateful to you for being so supportive and understanding throughout this whole process. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your famiy.

Many thanks again for everything!

— AM and family

Dear Victoria

I am grateful beyond words for such an amazing result and wish I could give you a great big hug! Thanks so much to you and your great team for all you’ve done. I have always felt comfortable speaking with you as you have great people skills. We will certainly recommend you without hesitation at any opportunity.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday break over the coming season.

— GG

In 2012 I suffered a significant work injury and engaged Stacks Goudkamp to take care of my rights.

During my damages claim I was referred to Stacks Superannuation team and in particular Karina Goodall, to assess any further rights under my superannuation policy. Karina took responsibility for managing my TPD claim resulting from my work injury, while constantly liaising with her work injury colleagues who were busy managing my work cover issues.Karina was diligent from day 1, kept me well informed every step. She even answered all my silly questions.

I found Karina and her entire team easy to deal with and would highly recommend them.

To all the team at Stacks, thank you for a job well done.


— IB

Karina – thanking you and Tom for all the hard work and time put in for me. It is much appreciated.

— KW

Alex and Jane

Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and guidance throughout my lengthy ordeal. I could not have done it without your support.
I wish you all the best in the future. Take care and thank you all agian.
Warmest regards
— AC

Following my daughters accident vs motorbike in September 2005 at just age 6, Tom Goudkamp took on her case the last 13 years we have all been looked after amazingly well and then Karina Goodall came along and wow – between her and Tom they were amazing and were able to settle out of court for more then we could ever imagine. We know our daughter will always be looked after now but without Tom and Karina our journey could of been a lot different

If I ever needed their assistance again I would not hesitate to contact these guys.

— SC

Hey Karina

Thanks heaps to you and Tom for this amazing outcome. We are extremely happy.
Once again you both have been amazing from the start and we will be forever grateful for your guidance throughout the 13 years.

— C, K and S

Dear Cali,

I wanted to thank you for your ongoing support and help with managing my claim. You have handled my claim professionally and it has been an absolute pleasure to have you act on my behalf. I am very pleased I chose Stacks Goudkamp as a law firm to handle my claim, I couldn’t have coped and managed without your support.

You have been so understanding, professional and reassuring throughout the entire process. This has been the most difficult time of my life so far, but you always made sure you were available to help and you provided me with amazing legal advice throughout my entire claim process.

— SJ

Hi Karina

This is a fantastic outcome. I was not expecting such a huge result. I sincerely appreciate all the effort you have put into my claim. You have done a great job and your hard work is really appreciated.
— AN

Thank you again to Tom, Isabelle and the rest of your team for all of your help and hard work for the last three and a half years and an extra big thank you to yourself for making a very difficult process so much easier and getting a great result for me to be able to support my family again.

— RK

Following my car accident I had many sessions of physiotherapy, Dr’s appointments and medical imaging. It didn’t take long for the bills to stack up. The number of therapy and medical appointments made me consider that a long term injury was quite likely and the future costs associated should be accounted for.

When it came to resolving the settlement, I chose to deal directly with the insurance company. As polite and as helpful as they were, they did not seem to understand the concerns for my injury and the settlement figure they proposed was only marginally above the costs that I had already incurred. At this point I sought the advice of Stacls Goudkamp and from the very first meeting with Tom and Sylva, I felt comfortable with how everything was progressing. They are a highly professional and personable team who kept me regularly informed about the claim and what was required of me. They made the process simple and painless and we reached a fair settlement within 90 days. I never want to seem them again, but should I require such assistance, I wouldn’t hesitate.

— P

Dear Tom and Brett

First off all I would like to thank you in person, Tom and Brett and also the Goudkamp team for your support throughout the case and no matter what , you have always been there to give your best support in the hard times to solve the problems and the situation I was in .

After my accident I was referred to you by my good mate. He also had a similar case which just got finalised by Tom.

Since my accident I was told by my Drs that it was very hard to approve for the operation cost by the insurance company but my Lawyers at Goudkamp made the impossible become possible.

Straight away after few weeks I had given a date and was operated on, all I wanted was to be able to get my health back.

Not only my operation went so well (which I had a 75% chance of getting paralysed) but they got payments for me through the tough days I had not been able to work but they have managed to get me a good payout to get myself back on my feet again for my family .

So if in future any off my family or friends look for someone they can trust and get looked after throughout their case I would always recommend Gouldkamp lawyers .

Once again I would like to thank you all for all your support.

Kind regards

— DK

Thank you all so much Tom, Ruth and Brett for all your hard work and persistence, it hasn’t gone unappreciated although I must apologise as I know I haven’t been the most easy client at the best of times but that you for always being empathetic and not taking my lash outs personally, the pain and frustration sometimes really was to much to bear but you always made me feel at ease even if I didn’t show it.


— AK

After being in a accident I was introduced to Karina Goodall from Stacks Goudkamp.

I am extremely pleased with the work done by Stacks. Working with Karina Goodall from the beginning I knew that I had made the right decision in trusting her to handle my case. Karina has always been accomodating to myself and family throughout this tough time.I have no hesitation recommending Karina in the future.

— DF

Dear Tom

We would like to thank you for all your work over the past year, but more particularly for the very understated and professional manner with which it was conducted.

Whilst it is very hard to compensate us for what happened, in practical terms, we feel that the result achieved was excellent, particularly in light of the laws you have to work within.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody who is in need.
Warm regards,

— PV

Thank you to Sylva, Cali and the entire team for professionally navigating a successful CTP claim that was both transparent in process and professional in outcome. Despite unique challenges, you were proactive, positive and professional. Thank you for your kindness, compassion and successful outcome.

— LW

Dear Tom and Rita

I would just like to express my gratitude for your effort and the faith you had in me! The work you put in for the last year and especially the last few days! I can’t explain the relief and the weight off my shoulders.
I don’t even recognise myself already – it was taking that much of a toll on me thanks for keeping me in a good space Rita!
I thank you both again!

— JD

Hi Brett

Thank you so much for your kind email and of course all the work you have done to complete our case.

It is a very strange feeling for me today. I am somewhat overwhelmed by the result but also feel quite emotional about how such a traumatic event can consume you completely for 3 years and then a single one hour meeting today is a weird instant type of finality. I don’t think I was prepared for this emotion.

Thanks again Brett – I couldn’t have asked for better representation.

— JD

Hi Victoria

I heard about Stacks Goudkamp on the radio. I had recently broken my wrist while overseas so I decided to give them a call. Everything was so easy, I just had to meet up with a lawyer in person to discuss everything, then from then on it was just replying to a few emails every now and then, and Stacks Goudkamp looked after everything else.

As part of the process I had to fly back to the country where my accident happened. The money I won in the end was enough to pay for all of the travelling expenses and there was a bit left over for me to keep.

Thanks so much Stacks Goudkamp for being so professional, and helpful during the entire process.

— DK

Hi Karina

I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance in settling my claim. Working with Stacks Goudkamp has been hassle free and always a professional firm to provide assistance following my motor vehicle accident.
Karina your personable approach and understanding following this unfortunate motor vehicle accident has been fantastic. You provided me from day one with easy to understand information on the injury management and claims process. You helped navigate me through the process and provided me with good honest advice and negotiated with all concerned realistic expectations.
I am truly grateful for the diligence offered to me by yourself and the organisation. I am pleased with the overall outcome and can move forward without any additional stress. I would have no objection in recommending you personally to others that are suffering a similar incident.

— AN

Dear Julie and Laura
I would like to give my sincerest thank you to all of you for your outstanding and tireless effort during my claim, getting me a far better outcome than I could have ever of anticipated if any at all. I am disappointed I was unwell on the day and unable to stay for lunch and give a proper and well deserved thank you. No words could ever express the gratitude I have for each and everyone of you and what you have done for me. I am truely still in awe of it all, but at the same time it has given me a great sense of solace that the legal side of it is now finally over. I had a cry of relief and happiness on the drive back home. It’s has been a pleasure meeting you all, firstly as my lawyers but also as people in general.

— V

Karina and the team at Stacks Goudkamp were extremely helpful throughout my case every step of the way.

Karina personally managed my case through to the end and was extremely helpful, thorough, honest and understanding. We reached a positive outcome which resulted in my favour, and should we require legal assistance in the future we would definitely use Stacks Goudkamp and in particular, Karina.

— LD

Hi Karina,

Thanks so much for meeting with us this morning we really appreciated your time, advice and expertise, we feel really supported.

— ST

Hey – I would just like to express my gratitude for the effort and faith you had in me! The work you put in for the last year  and especially the last few days! I can explain the relief and the weight off my shoulders I don’t even recognise myself already it was taking that much of a toll on me thanks for keeping in a good space Rita!

I thank you both again!

— JD

Thank you again for everything I honestly didn’t think I would receive that amount.

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation and thanks to Karina and Tom. When I first started out with my claim I was so confused and didn’t know what to do. Karina kindly went through the whole process with me in a very clear way and made sure I understood everything that was going to happen. Karina was available for any questions I had at all times with extremely quick responses and always kept me upto date.

I would recommend Stacks Goudkamp lawyers to anyone as they are not only extremely professional but also very compassionate. Karina is extremely efficient and extremely honest, from the beginning of this whole process everything she had advised me happened. I am forever thankful for all the time and help Karina has spent on my case. I didn’t think the outcome would be anything close to what she has received for me. Thank you Karina and Tom! 

— RH

Dear Rita  – I have been informed that you won’t be handling my case. I just wont to say it was nice to have met you and you made me feel safe and comfortable talking about things that I don’t usually talk about. I’m an anxious and somewhat awkward person at times but after talking to you I left feeling a little stronger – thank you for the time and hard work you spent on me . It was very nice to have met you. Thank you.


— KB

I found the 3 year process of my motor accident claim not only daunting but exhausting. Thankfully, at the eleventh hour Karina joined my case. Karina skilfully managed my expectations and didn’t make lofty promises. Her communication was succinct and professional and my awarded claim was significantly higher than my requested bottom line for which my family and I are entirely grateful. Life certainly feels like it is getting back on track with a much more secure trajectory. I would recommend Karina without hesitation.

— LR

Hi Victoria

I would like to thank you and Courtney for all your help in this matter. I will certainly recommend you anyone who needs help.
Many thanks again

— ML

Hi Tom,
We are continually grateful for all you have done for our family.
You may think it will never happen to me… I hope it never does…. but it did for our family. Our lives turned upside down and still a long way to go… Without Tom and his amazing team working in the back ground we would still be struggling. Kind, compassionate, understanding and fairness are the words I would use to describe Tom and his team’.

— M, C & R

I was a long term frequent flyer with a major airline and following an incident on a plane I found them disinterested and dismissive regarding my complaint and request for compensation.  After being told to stop contacting them and in effect to go away I contact Stacks Goudkamp.  Alex Morrison and his colleagues were great in pursuing my complaint, resulting in the airline paying me compensation.  I found him very professional including being patient in explaining the legal process to me.  I would not hesitate to use him again or recommending him and his colleagues as professional lawyers.  Don’t hesitate – give Stacks a call.

— AJ

Thank you Victoria.

You were very decisive and very pleasant to deal with.  I appreciate your help and now know what to do after just one call. 10 out of  10 as a person and a lawyer.
Thank you so much.

— SD

Dear  Victoria

I am grateful beyond words for such an amazing result and wish I could give you a great big hug! Thanks so much to you and your great team for all you’ve done.  I have always felt comfortable speaking with you as you have great people skills.  We will certainly recommend you without hesitation at any opportunity.  We wish you all a wonderful holiday break over the coming season. I’m sure you’re looking forward to quality time with your little one.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again.

— GG

Hello Anna and Rene

I thought I should just drop you a quick note. I have finally got my Medicare money refunded to finalise everything.

I know you both did your best for me, and gave me a chance to restart my world.

I hoped that my move away from Sydney would help me forget but it is and was a very painful experience that I would not wish on anyone. I have not got past it, and I know I am no longer the strong person I was before, mentally or physically.

Thanks to you both, you were there for me, you picked up my calls and replied to my emails as though I was the only person that mattered.

Thanks again.

 — KT

 Cali, Sylva and Renee

Although it was a traumatic period in my life I want to thank all of you for making the experience easier and more comforting. You guided me through the situation with professionalism and precision. I am more than happy with the result.

Kind regards,

— LF

Hey Karina

Thanks heaps to you and Tom for this amazing outcome. We are extremely happy. Once again you both have been amazing from the start and we will be forever grateful for your guidance throughout the past 13 years

 —  C, K, S


Thank you so much. We are very grateful for what you, Mark and Julie have done for us throughout this process.
You have made it hassle free, always communicating with us along the way. We would definitely recommend you to others.
Thank you so much for all your efforts and hard, work it’s so great to be able to put this all behind us now.
We wish you all and your families a lovely Christmas,
— LA

Dear Anna

Once again I can’t express how much I appreciate everything you have done to help us through this difficult time so again THANK YOU

— CA

Dear Ian

I would just like to thank you for your generosity, which is especially welcome at the moment. You have been supportive and professional since our first meeting. Thanks again for dealing with everything at a difficult time.

— KL

Dear Cali,

I am so grateful to have you as my lawyer. The results you achieved with my TPD claim were perfect and your kind-hearted support has given me validation and self-confidence during such an emotional period of my life. It is reassuring to know there are good people like you in the world helping those who have experienced workplace bullying and discrimination. Thank you.

— TD

I just want to thank Alex and the additional team members for the help they have provided me
over the past three years with a case that was recently settled.

Alex’s help was second to none. He was transparent, honest, and very reassuring throughout the whole process. Additionally, he was very comforting in my time of need. This was especially noted when it came to making time within his busy schedule to allow me to come to his office and speak with him personally to discuss some of my concerns after a turn of unfortunate circumstances. I still cannot thank him enough for that chat. He is probably unaware of just how much help the talk between us had really meant to me.
I will highly recommend Alex and his team to any friends and family if they ever seek similar help. It was an absolute pleasure doing business.
Kind Regards

— DM

I was referred to Karina by a family friend. I had no expectations as I never thought I could be entitled to anything but Karina went above and beyond her duty of care and ensured I received what I was entitled to. She was great to work with, responded quickly to my questions and supported me through the whole process.

Thank you Karina and Stacks Goudkamp.

— JD

Hi Brett

Thank you so much for your kind email and of course all the work you have done to complete our case.
It is a very strange feeling for me today. I am somewhat overwhelmed by the result but also feel quite emotional about how such a traumatic event can consume you completely for 3 years and then a single one hour meeting today is a weird instant type of finality. I don’t think I was prepared for this emotion.

Thanks again Brett – I couldn’t have asked for better representation.

— JD

Dear Tom,

My family and are very pleased with the fantastic outcome. Thank you so much for believing and for all your efforts on our behalf.

I am very grateful and truly appreciative of everything.

— NK

Dear Brett

I can not say anything else but THANK YOU! I am still trying to convince myself that this wonderful news is true – just like people need time to adapt to light after staying in darkness for too long.

Tom and Brett, please let me thank you on behalf of my son. He will know one day that because of your great help I can carry on with more strength and positivity as a competent mother should be.

— GG

Hi Tom

I wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for us throughout this process. This was not an easy process to go through and it comes with a huge amount of guilt and heartache. Having the support and guidance of yourself and your team has been a blessing and I will be forever grateful.

I recognise that we are so blessed to have been able to claim support as this is not the case for so many people who lose loved ones in so many ways. Sadly there is no amount that will bring our loved one back and I would honestly give everything for that.

Thank you again, this claim gives us so many opportunities to make a positive difference in our lives and I am hoping to make a difference in the lives of others who need it too.

— GD


Our lives changed drastically a couple of years ago when my husband became critically ill. Unable to work, we tried to manage but our financial situation was dire. Whilst in receipt of the bare minimum of Centrelink benefits, Karina from Stacks Goudkamp worked tirelessly behind the scenes to obtain the Total and Permanent Disability payment from my husband’s Super. We now have the funds available to meet daily needs and ongoing medical treatment without the stress that comes from not knowing how to financially survive the week. Thank-you so much for the fantastic outcome and for making the process easy to navigate. Stacks Goudkamp really delivered

— AA

Dear Ian,

I would just like to thank you for your generosity, which is especially welcome at the moment. You have been supportive and professional since our first meeting. Thanks again for dealing with evderything at a difficult time.

I am moving on with my life and thank you for being a stepping stone to this next chapter.

— LN


The family is very happy with the outcome and we have slowly drip fed it to Dad as well who is also relieved and happy with the result. We can’t thank the both of you enough for your tireless work throughout the past couple of years. I am looking forward to also thanking Michael Lee for the fantastic recommendation. Your communication and professionalism whilst showing huge amounts of passion and care for our case and our family were second to none.

— GW


We would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude to you and your team  for administering our claim. Initially it seemed like an insurmountable task for us as there were so many parties involved.
After my first conversation with you I felt relaxed and confident that I was heading in the right direction.
Victoria, you were highly professional at all times along with a beautiful personality which allowed us to work together for the best outcome.
I would highly recommend Stacks Goudkamp to anyone who is considering seeking assistance with an injury claim especially a cruise accident.
Thank you for everything, the outcome was so much more than we expected.
Warm regards
— HT

Hello Tom

As you know, I have been going through a bit of a rough time of late, with my health.  I am now home, after two trips to hospital and can now, finally,  thank you,  for achieving such a successful outcome with my accident settlement.

I am very grateful and truly appreciative of all your efforts on my behalf.

Best wishes
— IC

After being involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2014 I was recommended by a friend to Stacks Goudkamp.

My family and I were introduced to Karina Goodall soon after my accident
and Karina was able to guide us in how to proceed financially with several super claims and  a TPD claim. Karina took the time to visit us at home and was happy to answer all our questions which made things a lot easier for myself given the extent of my injuries and not having to travel away
from the comfort of my home.

I found everyone at Stacks Goudkamp to be very understanding and accommodating to the needs of both me and my family at a very difficult time. I was very happy with their knowledge and commitment.

I would highly recommend Stacks Goudkamp particularly Karina Goodall whom
looked after this part of my case.

— EM

Hi Ruth

What has opened my eyes throughout this whole process is the amount of people I have met who have survived an accident BUT not survived the whole process of making a claim. I appreciate they make it difficult to put off the unethical in our society from making a false claim but also made me wonder how many injured people are sitting behind closed doors suffering and alone and living a half life.

I remember the day in hospital when, on the advice of the Social Worker that my recovery would be a very long one and we needed legal help. I was still heavily medicated and burst into tears saying I didn’t do anything wrong I was just driving home so why do we need a lawyer.

Thank goodness we contcted your office as we had no idea how complicated everything could get or how long my recovery would take and who knew my partner, who had never been in hospital before would also have a life threatening experience too.

So again a huge thank you to you and Tom, but especially to you, for the amount of work you have put in on my behalf – always so very kind and gentle and willing to listen.

I hope Tom and his firm know and appreciate you for not only who you are but also for all you do.

You definitely made this whole journey easier to navigate.

Thanks and kindest regards

— JG

Hi Tom,

As I told Brett on the phone I am very happy with the outcome of this case, and I must add that independently of the outcome I’m very happy with the way you handled the case from the beginning. The accident I had is not a good memory and when I came to you, one of my main expectations was to be not being reminded of it too often. I really believe you and Brett did a great job in being efficient and precise enough so that I didn’t have to bring back these memories too often. I felt shielded from all this and for this, I thank you.

Moreover I’m aware that me moving overseas did not simplify the case, and you handled this very smoothly as well.

Overall I’m fully satisfied with how you handled the claim and I’m very glad that used your firm.
Thank you for everything, and do not hesitate to stop by next time you visit the France.

— FM

Thank you so much Ruth for your kind words – you have brought me to tears again (seems to be happening all too frequently of late!). I cannot express how truly grateful I am for the unwavering support that you have shown to Steve and I – you have added a genuine human touch to what can otherwise feel like a very isolating and completely helpless situation at times. I am so thankful that we engaged Tom and yourself to help us through this journey – I don’t think we could have done this without you.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


I wish to pass on my thanks to Stacks Goudkamp and Karina Goodall and her team in particular, for their consistent professionalism and dedication in bringing about a successful end to my TPD claim.

Initially I (foolishly) lodged the claim myself, but was simply left hanging by the Insurance company for 12 months before being told I had no case. After engaging Stacks Goudkamp and having Karina take over my case, the insurance company dragged the claim process out for another two years.

To her great credit, Karina’s tenacity never wavered throughout this period. After all other avenues had been exhausted it was the threat of being taken to court by Stacks Goudkamp that brought about the successful end of this long and arduous period in my life.

I was treated with courtesy, respect and empathy and was kept up to date at all times by Karina. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Stacks Goudkamp to other people in the same position as I was.

— PC

Dear Ruth

I’ve been in a lot of tough times and difficult situations in last 2 years but I never fell down, never gave up. If I am still in mainland and waiting for release of  detection. I have to  confess that I  could not be here today without your help .  Literally means of thanks for all that you’ve done and still doing for me.
It helps me to be strong by knowing that I have a  guardian angel. Yes, you are my guardian angel. You helped me  too many times, it means too much for me . Particularly when that government is so cruel. There are many  people like you that they are helping us . It is like a light in the darkness, it is hope.
It is so precious  – I really appreciate what you are doing for me .
Thanks a million times

Warm regards
— MH

I would highly recommend Stacks Goudkamp to any person. I am beyond grateful to have had the support of Brett and Tom who guided me throughout the whole process. Thank you for your compassion and professionalism while communicating at my level and making what could have been a nightmare, more bearable.

— BL

Many thanks Ruth

This customer centric culture that comes naturally to you should be bottled and sent to every corner of Australian business.

— SP

Dear Emily,

Well done you. You clearly have super negotiating skills. Your negotiating success has given me the security, that any ongoing sequalae from this MVA, which needs medical care, is now covered for my future life.

I can not thank you enough – nor StacksGoudkamp, for sticking by me, for this result.

— MS

Dear Tom,

It was lovely to meet your team last week.

It was really nice to see solicitors who are genuinely interested in helping their clients receive appropriate care- you have an excellent team.

— PS

Dear Ruth

The level of professionalism, along with your compassion, care, and attention to detail throughout the time of my claim, allowed me to focus purely on the rehabilitation of my injury.  I cannot thank Tom and the team enough for the guidance they offered throughout my claim, and the fantastic result that they managed to achieve with my claim.

Thank you again for assisting me in my claim for compensation, and for the fantastic outcome. I will have no hesitation in recommending your firm, and the professional service that you offer for anyone that may need help.

Kind Regards,
— LP

Good day Tom,

While other lawyers wouldn’t look at my case after an erroneous police report of a pedestrian accident, you were audacious enough to take it on.
I do believe your sense of fairness was a motor. I thank you and Brett Watts for the work he has achieved in order to bring the issue to a successful outcome. I was impressed with your personal involvement and your regard for the affective impact the accident caused me.

It takes emotional intelligence as well as skill and professionalism to deal with
such issues.

With gratitude


Dear Ruth

Even though you moved onto bigger and better things, thankyou so much for all your work on my claims and for helping to lay the foundation for a very successful outcome.

— SZ

Hello Emily,

We would like to thank you for all of the hard work you have put into our claim. I know you have spent many hours sorting things out for us. You have always been kind and understanding.

Last but not least please pass on our good wishes to Alana as well as she helped us a great deal. You have both made our experience a lot easier.

Kind Regards
— CT & ET

My wife and I cannot thank you (Victoria) and Tom enough for your incredible understanding, support and professionalism in helping me make a successful claim against the cruise line.  There is absolutely no way we could have done this on our own. I was ready to give up until you took on our case.

Before we met you, it seemed that the cruise line thought I was just an ‘old pensioner’ and I would go away if they ignored and bullied us and  threatened expensive court action.

We were amazed by your grasp of Australian and international law and your eye for detail in gathering evidence to support my claim. This included the specialist marine expert report you commissioned which clearly proved the cruise line’s negligence. As well, your tenacity during negotiations with the cruise company was awe inspiring. All of this at no out of pocket cost to us!

Thank you so much for winning this ‘David and Goliath’ battle on my behalf.

— RR

Dear Ruth,

Thanks for the update. We were just commenting on how professional and responsive you are. In our professions we hold ourselves to a high standard and don’t always look at the clock. It is rare and reassuring to deal with new people who also hold themselves to that standard.

Please enjoy the remainder of the weekend! But know that you’re not alone if you’re having to tend to work matters on a Sunday.

— VA

Victoria & Jane,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for sorting my claim out in Sydney. I had absolutely no idea that the pay out would be anywhere near the size it was….quite daunting really. I am really very grateful for all your hard work and will hold onto your number should I ever need your services again.

I really am most grateful to you all.

Many thanks and kind regards

— JJ

Dear Tom and Victoria,

Thank you again for all of your help in IE’s case.

It has been a pleasure to co-operate with you and your team and I have also learnt a lot about the Australian claim adjustment system.  I’ll definitely contact you again if I will be needing help in a similar case.

I have sent an email to the Swedish Embassy in Canberra, the Hon Consul of Sweden and the Foreign Ministry in Sweden with a warm recommendation from IE and me to contact your firm.

Best regards

— VJ

I will be forever grateful to you and you Superannuation Team for the preparation, representation of myself and also the finalisation of my Total and Permanent Disablement Claim.

To be honest, 2 years after the application of my TPD claim at Hostplus Superannuation I had given up on the positive outcome however, your time, dedication, advice and professionalism were extraordinary all the way to the approval and finalisation of my TPD claim.

It was a No Win No Fee agreement, which gave me a peace of mind.

I can’t thank Karina Goodall at Stacks Goudkamp enough for your service. I could not be more pleased with the outcome.

Best wishes,

— BP


I would like to sincerely thank you and particularly Joy Guibani of Stacks Goudkamp for the wonderful efforts that were made on my behalf for my accident claim.

At all stages of the process, I was informed and supported by your firm and you achieved an excellent result for me.

I would particularly want to thank Joy who provided advice and support to me with great professionalism. She is an excellent solicitor and a credit to your firm.

I would recommend your firm as being of great assistance and quality, to any other person.

yours faithfully


I had the pleasure of working with Karina who was professional, friendly and helped me through every step of the claim. She responded to all my queries within minutes and kept me updated throughout the claim. She went beyond of duty of care to help me get the compensation that I was entitled to.

— SA

Dear Tom,

I would like to thank you for your hard work, time taken to listen to me, dedication and commitment to get all the relevant  information and crucial evidence to prepare my case well. I really appreciate your fight for my rights and your outstanding negotiating skills to discuss and settle my claim well and achieve the maximum amount I am entitled to. My life is now back on track again.

I would like also to thank Ruth for her personal attention and professional approach to my case.

Thank you very much once again.

With kind regards

— AS

Hi Victoria and Tom,

Hope you guys are well.

That’s another fantastic outcome! Huge thanks once again for your work and perseverance in securing the result.

I guess that about wraps it up. We have of course advised all the guys at the practice that should they have any clients who are in an unfortunate predicament which we see from time to time in our line of work, they now know exactly who  they can refer to and trust for the best care possible. Same goes for our friends and family. Can’t recommend you highly enough.

Meanwhile I look forward to hearing Tom’s voice on the radio while I’m driving the kids everywhere…. glad I can say I know the man behind the voice!

Take care and all the best

— D

Dear Victoria and Alex,
Considering that I was told three years ago by several other law firms that “no Australian law firm will touch cruise claims”, I am amazed that our claim was actually addressed, let alone considered and won. Hearing your firm’s radio ad that fateful night on the bus earlier this year was so lucky. Cruise ships need to address incidents that occur and improve safety standards. It was upsetting that they delayed and delayed any response to me all those years ago. I now feel much better.
Thank you so much for your kind support and sage advice with our compensation claim. You made every effort to help me understand the process. My family and I appreciate all the effort you went to in getting us a great result.
Kind regards,

— G

Good afternoon Victoria,

I received the cheque today and it is now safely in the bank awaiting clearance.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and Tom for your assistance in obtaining a settlement.  I can now settle down and contemplate my future.  You were both very easy to deal with and always available to discuss issues/concerns that I had.  I will not hesitate to recommend Stacks Goudkamp to anyone I know who needs any kind of legal assistance.

Once again, thank you both.

Kind regards,

— JK

Dear Anna
I would like to thank you for your time and advice that you have provided to myself and my husband it’s been a very emotional and hard road with his injury and to get a settlement just makes things a little more bearable from a financial perspective. Thank you and thank you to Stacks Goudkamp.

Our sincere thanks

— SP & GP

I would like to take the time to thank Mr Tom Goudkamp of Stacks Goudkamp and his staff who throughout my case was very helpful and showed compassion and understanding through out what was a long and stress full time for me. The professional and personal way they treated me through my compensation case which lasted over two and a half years was exceptional.

The case was long and at time stressful, however they kept me up to date with every aspect in layman’s terms which helped me understand the legal side of the procedure.

I was very pleased with the final result Stacks Goudkamp achieved for me, which will help me get on with my life after a long drawn out case. I would not hesitate to recommend Stacks Goudkamp to any of my family and friends should they ever need a law firm to represent them in a claim for a prsonal injury case.

Again a special thank you to Mr Goudkamp and his team for representing me in my case and the results they achieved.

— RF

Hello Ian

 I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance with my matter. Sian and yourself were always patient and supportive and I really appreciate it.
Thanks again.
— DB

Dear Brett

 Thank you very very much for the unbelievable outcome… this couldn’t have happened without  you and your firm acting for us. Wishing you and your company a bright future!
Kind regards,
— D and N

Dear Tatiana and Team

Just a little thank you, for all your help and patience in the handling of my case. It will make a great difference to my life being able to get the help that I might need from time to time, letting my partner do what he needs to do without helping me all the time.

Also it was very nice of you to send me a thank you gift, it was totally unexpected!

Kind regards to all

— SL

Tom and Ruth, may I thank you for all of your efforts over the last 4 years.  You were both extremely insightful and strategic about my case.  What should have been so simple was turned into a complex marathon by the insurer.  You gave me the confidence to push ahead and were always willing to take the time to talk through all of the alternatives.  I knew I could trust the advice and you made the process bearable.  At the worst of times, you need the best help you can get — it’s Stacks Goudkamp

— BN.

Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for the great result in my case for for the express post delivery to me which I received today.

Also – I have referred a potential client to you today. He is a close friend.

Keep saving the world!

Warm regards

— DD

Tom and Ruth

Mum and I are so happy with the results and very excited to be at the end of the road. Thanks so much for everything you have done for us and for making the process as easy for us as you could, we cannot thank you guys enough. We will be in touch.
Thanks again and best wishes.

— KF

Dear Ruth
I would sincerely like to thank you for the work you have done for me. You gave me so much help and support when I needed it. This has given me a new lease of life and has made me feel like a new man. Thank you so much for your help and support and God bless you.

— CO

Dear Ruth
Thank you, especially to you, and to Tom and the team for always advocating in my daughter’s best interests. Your dignified treatment and the respect you showed her was and remains greatly appreciated.
You are right in saying that no amount of money will ever change anything, however this money will allow her some leeway to investigate options regarding her future that she may otherwise not have had the opportunity to explore. 
— NP

Hello Sandra

Your email address was forwarded onto as I would like to compliment the outstanding outcome from my settlement. I would like to pass on my gratitude firstly to the calm Mr. Ian Chipchase who was my Solicitor from day one.  His professionalism and expertise  overwhelmed me.   His advice was never vague and I felt assured at all times.Furthermore, the lovely Martha who endured my non-stop questions.  Her patience
is exceptional – I thank her. Finally, the lovely Faye who,  without her at the hearing I would have been a walking basket case.  Faye’s  collaboration with my Barrister made me feel relaxed and extremely comfortable resulting in the final outcome and settlement. I have recommended Stacks Goudkamp to another colleague who he also has been happy with the services provided. Once again, thank you all at Stacks including the lovely receptionist.
— LK

Hi Ruth

Upon reflecting on my journey of the last few years I would like to thank you greatly for all you have done. I’m sure without your compassion and understanding I wouldn’t have embarked upon or completed the final phase. I know I nearly gave up a couple of times before this stage.
I wish you all the very best for the future.
— AS

I was in a car accident over three years ago and due to my injuries have been unable to return to work.

My husband engaged Stacks Goudkamp while I was still in hospital to help with a third party insurance claim. Not only have the team at Stacks Goudkamp been caring, helpful and understanding but they have also helped us through a difficult time financially. They sent out all the relevant documentation for me to fill out and even came out to my home and got everything processed quickly so I was able to access TPD and income protection payments through my Super Fund.
Not only were we dealing with the stress of my injuries and the possible lifetime consequences to our lives but my husband had to have a quadruple bypass and after he recovered and returned to work about twelve months later he lost his job due to downsizing in his department.
In the space of two years we went from a healthy active couple both working full time to a household with no income coming into our home. With Stacks Goudkamp’s help we not only received a lump sum payment from TPD but are also now receiving monthly payments from my Income Protection.
I couldn’t speak more highly of this company and every staff member we have had contact with over the last couple of years have been very professional and quick to respond to our emails and phone calls.
So thank you so much for all your help and guidance.
— JG

Hi Karina,
I would like to take this opportunity to let you and your firm know that I am truthfully thankful that you have helped me throughout the process and for achieving a successful result.
Being single and had to give up work due to my health condition and I thought that would be it for me. I was almost losing hope that the only income that I would have would be through Centrelink.  Fortunately, after hearing your ads on the radio it gave me the courage to enquire about my health situation and where I stood in relation to my financial state. As a result I was not disappointed and  instead it gave me hope to have a chance in life and to have a financial future.
Again Karina and the team –  thank you, thank you very very much for being there and for helping me – GOD bless.
— AS

Hi Brett

 Stacks Goudkamp made my claim easy, straight forward and explained the process every step of the way which took the stress out of trying to understand all the legal jargon. Very happy with the result and would recommend to anyone!
— DL

Dear Joy

I would like to thank you on the way you handled my case. Both my wife and myself are delighted by the end result. I appreciate that I am not the ideal client at times but you handled my matter very professionally and gave it that personal touch.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you to anybody in a similar situation. You handled my requests, which at times seemed like demands, very professionally.

Once again we would like to thank you and are sending this gift in appreciation of all your help.

— ED

Dear Faye

Thank you for your help in this very difficult time for me. You have been my pillar of strength. You have been everything your company stands for and have always made time for me.

Thank you also from all of my family. You have taken a lot of pressure off us during this very hard time.

— B & J


I do want to thank you for the hard work and interest you have taken in my case. I am sure I had chosen a great person and great company to work towards getting the insurance company to accept my honesty regarding my back and I thank you for that. I am looking forward to hearing from you further thanks again.

— FJ

I found the team from Stacks Goudkamp to be confident, efficient, reliable & friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring legal advice or representation after having them represent myself in a TPI/Super Claim.

— SR

Dear Anna

Thank you and your team for the gift box I received in the mail yesterday. As you are aware I am more than happy with the way Stacks Goudkamp assisted me with my case. I would not hesitate to refer other clients to you. As you are aware I have already passed on your company’s information to a friend of mine whose daughter is now a client of your company.

Once again  a big thank you and look forward to catching up with you over the next couple of months.

— ST

Dear Victoria,

Thankyou for the successful conclusion to our claim for damages against the cruise line.
We knew at the outset that cruise ship injuries require a specialist lawyer. The maritime laws are so complex that many cases are lost by technicality of jurisdiction etc.
No injury case is stress free but you, Victoria, treated us with care and understanding.
We know that we have received the best result possible in our circumstances and can now continue our lives without looking back feeling that our claim was unresolved or the payment inadequate.
Thanks also to Tom Goudkamp for his participation in the negotiations.
We are both delighted and appreciative that you took care of us.

— M & T

 Hi Tom
I wish to extend  my gratitude to you for having allocated Victoria to our matter, and also to acknowledge Victoria’s capacity as a practitioner. She is a true asset to your firm! Victoria has truly been invaluable in every aspect of our case. I am sure that you know all of this already, but it is refreshing to work with someone as capable and motivated as she clearly is.
I hope all is well.

— DL

Hi Joy,

I can’t find the words to explain how much this means to my wife, our kids, myself and for our future.

We were truly blessed and our grateful that we were directed to Stacks Goudkamp; without Tom and yourself on our side managing everything we would have been lost and definitely financially worse off.

As a family we were struggling to cope after the accident, I know I was and still am. The passion and compassion you have both shown us, treating us more like family than clients. I could never repay and words are not enough to say thank you so much.


— JH

I had suffered from bullying and harassment and my employment was terminated after many years of service. Stacks Goudkamp took the time to listen to my concerns and explain my entitlements. The positive outcome of my income protection claim is testament  to their hard work and expertise. The service I received was professional and friendly, and their offer of ongoing support is very reassuring. I can not thank

Karina and the team at Stacks Goudkamp enough for their help.

— BP

Stacks Goudkamp and in particular Karina, were an absolute pleasure to deal with. I was shown nothing but compassion and understanding throughout my difficult and trying time in attempting to secure my insurance claim through my superannuation. Stacks helped me secure what was rightfully mine and I would recommend anyone to use the very helpful and professional team at Stacks Goudkamp.

— WA

Tatiana – I do not know how to thank you enough for the awesome job you did with the resolution of my case. I am completely amazed with the way you negotiated with the insurers. I really think you did an extraordinary job.

 I am extremely happy with the final negotiation. I never expected that amount of money. It seemed to be impossible, but you made things so much easier, and your negotiations skills were outstanding. I am truly grateful to you!!!
I wish you all the best in you personal and professional life! And of course, if any of my customers have any legal problem, I will totally recommend your services.
 Thanks again for your time, patience and professional advice!
 All the best,
— FP

Dear Ruth,

 Thank you very much for all of your hard work over the past 4 years.
 I really appreciate all that you have done for me and your caring and understanding nature which has really helped me to feel calmer when things didn’t go quite as planned.
 Thanks so much.
— SG


I am so grateful for your assistance. You have a good heart and are very humble. Mt husband and I  felt very at ease with you, which we didn’t feel with our previous lawyer.
I believe that you were put in your position because you are destined to help people like us.

— Y & F

To Tom and your team.

Many thanks for all your amazing help and guidance. We are so incredibly grateful for the work yourself,  Victoria, Ruth, and your whole team have put in to achieve a result which has immense meaning to our family and our ability to move forward from here.

It has been so refreshing to work with such professional and experienced people who conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity, care and compassion as well as delivering top notch expertise. Victoria is so thorough and has also kept us updated every step of the way. We have absolutely no regrets and I am so glad we decided to move our case to your firm almost exactly 1 year ago. What a difference. I would recommend your services to anyone in need, in a heartbeat.”

— DZ

Having a car accident can be a very emotional time for all concerned.  When a husband and wife are both involved and both parties are injured you don’t realise the impact it can have on the whole family.

Once you have your thoughts together and you are starting to heal the financial impact hits you and this is when you need to seek legal help. Luckily for us we were referred to Stacks Goudkamp Solicitors in Sydney. As we lived in Queensland the legal system is different from state to state.

Tom Goudkamp phoned me personally and explained the process of getting our claim started and from then we knew that with Tom and his excellent staff and we would be in very capable hands. Tom Ruth and Brett kept us up to date until the finalisation of our claim.

We would like to thank them all sincerely.

— A and C

To Karina and the team from Stacks Goudkamp

Our expectations of your service T to achieve Total & Permanent Disability Claim the actual outcome has largely exceeded our expectations. We will always be grateful and appreciate your help, interest and professional approach. It was very much appreciated to be treated by the team as a person instead of a number.

Thanks heaps for keeping that light at the end of the tunnel.

— AM

Dear Tom, Ruth, and the entire team at Stacks Goudkamp,

Having had some time to digest today’s incredible outcome and finally find the words to express how grateful I am for your hard work; I wanted to send a quick email over and once again thank you all for everything you’ve done.

After the accident, 2012/13 was quite a rough year, and it definitely took a toll on my fiancé and myself.

However, after today’s amazing result, 2014/15 is going to make it all almost worthwhile (although I wouldn’t advise getting hit by a car).

I cannot stress how much today will change our lives for the better, and it wouldn’t have happened without your hard work, skill and dedication.

So once again, thank you all very much.

With my most sincere gratitude and appreciation.


Hi Karina

Thank you very much Karina for your warm help throughout the TPD claim process and especially for the help in avoiding all of the many “mine fields” along the way to enable the claim to succeed.

Kind regards

— PK

I just write to thank you for the work you have done for me.

You have been a huge mental support for me through this ongoing process. Thank you for the long conversations on the phone and the time you have given me. I am very grateful and glad you are available in the future.

I feel in good hands with my doctor, the hospital and yourself.

Many thanks

— TK

Tom, is a true professional in his field, whilst expressing care and consideration for clients, in their times of extreme stress. I am eternally grateful to him, and to his top level staff

— JC

What a relief, I feel like I have been holding my breath for so long and now I can breathe fresh air again. It is because of you, my daughter will have a chance at a safe and secure future. Thank you for all your hard work and especially the honesty and compassion you shared with us

— DD

I am overwhelmed by your support throughout my case and I will be forever grateful. From the bottom on my heart, thank you

— BW

I am very appreciative of your representation. You gave me personally so much support and understanding and diligent care through such a testing process. A great result which brings some peace and comfort for the future

— SI

Thank you Stacks Goudkamp for the excellent outcome that has dramatically changed my life.

— DB

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Stacks Goudkamp team for helping me get my case finalised. 

It really means a lot that I can now put this behind me and get on with my life. Thanks again – to the Stacks Goudkamp team for all your assistance .

— HC

I would like to let you all know how blessed I feel by ending up in your capable hands!! I really appreciate what you’re doing for me. 

I feel a great sense of relief, confidence, trust and respect in you all and I have the utmost highest opinion of you and your law firm 

Thanks again

— KS

Thanks so much Tom. You and your team have done a wonderful job. The compensation should bring back some normality to both of us. All your hard work, support and understanding has meant so much

— HR

I can highly recommend Stacks Goudkamp lawyers to any person needing the assistance of professional legal representation for any matter. Do yourself a big favor and talk to these people. You will find they talk your language . Thank you both once again Stacks Goudkamp for ALL you did for me and my family

— FL