Court Reports

June 28, 2024
The recent Court of Appeal decision in Karzi v Toll Pty Ltd [2024] NSWCA 120  confirmed and clarified much of the existing law in NSW regarding psychological
June 27, 2024
SC v Ability One Financial Management Pty Ltd [2024] NSWSC 637 Private funds management for protected persons is an important role that demands
April 22, 2024
Alrifai v Australian Capital Territory [2022] ACTSC 48 INITIAL JUDGMENT: Delay in diagnosis of pancreatic cancer The injured plaintiff, Mrs
January 23, 2024
Medical Negligence Case Summary: Nerve Damage From Hospital Bed Collision Graham Cleary v Wollongong Private Hospital [2023] NSWDC 263  
November 6, 2023
Overview of GLJ v The Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Lismore  The plaintiff, GLJ made a claim for damages against the Diocese
July 4, 2023
We will examine the case of Dewar v Allianz Australia Insurance Limited [2023] NSWPIC 270, which was decided by Member Castagnet of the Personal

I could write a book as to how the last 4 years would have been different if not for Tom and his team.
The support, assistance, advice from the first conversation till even after the settlement was second to none from the team at Stacks Goudkamp.
Four years on and after many downs, my children and I have our lives back.
We are unable to THANK YOU enough, but know that you have changed our lives for the better in so many ways since the accident.


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