Funeral Expenses in a CTP Claim in NSW: What Can I Claim?

Funeral Expenses


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Funeral Expenses in a CTP Claim:

In the unfortunate event that a person’s death is the result of a motor accident, motorcycle accident, bus accident, pedestrian accident or any type of accident on the road involving a vehicle it is essential to understand the statutory benefits available for funeral expenses.

Losing a loved one in a tragic motor vehicle accident is a devastating experience. Amidst the emotional turmoil, dealing with the financial burden of funeral expenses can compound the stress. Fortunately, if the accident occurred in New South Wales you may be eligible to make a claim for funeral expenses.

This blog aims to provide an overview of the funeral expenses that can be claimed under a CTP claim in New South Wales.

The Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 (NSW) outlines the provisions for these benefits under Section 3.4.  This section provides for the payment of reasonable funeral expenses  funeral expenses of almost all persons killed in a motor vehicle accident in New South Wales regardless of whether anyone was at fault and even if the deceased was at fault.

What Funeral Expenses Can Be Claimed After A Motor Vehcile?

Funeral Director’s Professional Fees:

The fees charged by the funeral director for their professional services are generally covered. This includes costs related to organising and coordinating the funeral service and handling necessary paperwork.

Cost of the Funeral Service:

The expenses directly associated with the funeral service itself, whether it involves cremation or burial, are typically claimable. This includes the venue costs, such as hiring a chapel or a funeral home, as well as any necessary equipment, staff, and facilities required to conduct the service.


The cost of the coffin or casket is also eligible for reimbursement. The type and quality of the coffin may vary, and the insurance coverage typically takes into account reasonable expenses in line with cultural or personal preferences.

Mourning Car:

In some cases, the provision of a mourning car or hearse for transporting the deceased to the funeral location may be included in the claimable expenses. This helps alleviate the financial burden associated with arranging transportation during this difficult time.

Cemetery Site:

If burial is chosen as the method of laying the deceased to rest, the expenses related to securing a cemetery site can often be claimed. This covers the cost of purchasing a burial plot or arranging for a suitable resting place within a cemetery.


The expenses incurred for purchasing flowers, wreaths, or other floral arrangements can typically be claimed, subject to the insurer’s approval of reasonable expenses.

Newspaper Notice:

Publishing a notice in a newspaper to inform friends, family, and the wider community about the funeral arrangements is a common practice in New South Wales. The cost associated with this notice can often be claimed.

Death Certificate:

The cost of obtaining the death certificate, which may be required for various legal and administrative purposes, is a claimable expense. These certificates serve as official documentation of the individual’s passing.


The Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 in NSW provides statutory benefits for funeral expenses in the unfortunate event of a person’s death resulting from a motor accident.

While dealing with the loss of a loved one is undeniably difficult, understanding the funeral expenses that can be claimed under a CTP insurance policy in NSW can provide some financial relief during this challenging time. From funeral director fees and the cost of the service to the coffin, mourning car, cemetery site, flowers, newspaper notice, and death certificate, several aspects of the funeral arrangements may be eligible for reimbursement.

It is essential to consult with an experienced legal professional or contact the CTP insurer to ensure a thorough understanding of what entitlements are available and the claims process in New South Wales.

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Written by Karina Goodall

Karina Goodall is a Practice Group Leader and Director at Stacks Goudkamp specialising in motor vehicle accident claims and superannuation and TPD claims.


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