Injured During a Flight – Are You Entitled to Compensation?

Injured During a Flight - Are You Entitled to Compensation?


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The recent extreme turbulence encountered on the Singapore Airlines SQ 321 flight from London to Singapore on 21 May 2024, led to a tragic fatality and many hospitalised and seriously injured. 56 Australians were on-board this flight.

Injured passengers may be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation for injuries irrespective of the fact that it was an international flight.

Severe turbulence, luggage and objects falling from overhead lockers, falls whilst boarding or disembarking, falls during a flight, defective plane seats, split hot drinks, emergency evacuations and malfunctioning aircraft equipment are all examples of situations causing injuries which may arise whilst in transit, boarding or disembarking and onboard a domestic or international flight.

It is important that you seek advice from a specialist lawyer regarding your aircraft accident as soon as possible. Complexed international conventions can apply and there is specific criteria that needs to be met. In addition, short and strict time limits apply for initiating an aircraft claim for compensation.

Definition of ‘Accident’

An ‘accident’ is defined in the context of aviation claims if it:

  • is external to the passenger;
  • is unexpected or unusual;
  • causes bodily injury.

Generally, cases of severe turbulence as experienced in the recent Singapore Airlines incident, would be considered an ‘accident’ as it was an unusual, unexpected and untoward event which was external to the passenger.

Airline carriers are strictly liable for injuries caused by an ‘accident’. This means that an injured passenger is not required to prove that the airline was negligent or at fault.

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