Compensation for Injuries on Rental Properties



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Compensation for Injuries on Rental Properties

Navigating the aftermath of an injury on a rental property can be daunting. This guide is designed to empower tenants who have been injured and are seeking compensation, outlining the legal landscape and providing actionable advice on how to proceed with a rental property injury claim.

What to Do If You’re Injured on a Rental Property

When an accident happens in your rented home, knowing the initial steps to take is crucial for your health and any potential compensation claims.

Identifying the Responsible Party

The question of liability in rental property injuries often centres on negligence. If your injury resulted from a hazard that your landlord or real estate agent was aware of (or should have been aware of) and failed to address, they might be liable.

Documenting the Incident and Injuries

Immediate documentation is vital. Take photos of the hazard, your injuries, and any other relevant details. Report the incident to your landlord in writing and seek medical attention to record the extent of your injuries.

Legal Framework for Rental Property Injuries

Understanding the legal principles that govern rental property injuries is the first step in assessing your right to compensation.

Landlord’s Duty of Care

Landlords have a legal obligation to ensure their property is safe for tenants. This section outlines what constitutes a landlord’s duty of care and how breaches might occur.

Your Rights as a Tenant

As a tenant, you have rights that protect your safety and well-being. This includes the right to a safe living environment and the right to seek compensation if that environment leads to an injury.

Compensation for Rental Property Injuries

For many tenants, the path to compensation is unclear. Here’s how to navigate the personal injury   claim process.

When to Consider Legal Action

Legal action might be warranted if your landlord’s negligence directly resulted in your injury. We discuss scenarios where pursuing compensation is advisable.

Understanding Compensation Payouts

The average compensation payout in Australia for an injury at a rental property varies based on the severity of the injury and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Who pays the Compensation? Am I suing the landlord directly?

When pursuing compensation for an injury sustained on a rental property, it’s important to understand the financial aspects, particularly who pays the compensation.

Typically, it is the landlord’s home and contents insurance that bears the financial burden of compensation payouts.

This landlord liability insurance for tenant injury  is designed to protect landlords not only against property damage but also against   made by tenants for injuries that occur on the property due to negligence.

Furthermore, a significant portion of the legal fees incurred during the compensation claim process, including solicitors’ fees, can also be covered by the landlord’s insurance policy.

This means that when a tenant successfully proves that their injury was a result of the landlord’s negligence, the compensation for their injury and much of the legal costs involved in making the claim are usually funded by the insurance, rather than directly out of the landlord’s pocket. This system ensures that tenants can seek the compensation they deserve without the concern of whether the landlord can afford to pay, providing a level of financial security and reassurance to both parties involved in such claims.

Seeking Legal Advice

Consulting with public liability lawyers who specialise in rental property injuries is crucial. They can offer expert advice on your case and the likelihood of a successful compensation claim.


If you’re a tenant suing a landlord for personal injury or if you’ve been injured on a rental property, understanding your rights and the steps to seek compensation is essential. While the process can seem overwhelming, knowing where to start and when to seek professional advice can significantly impact the outcome of your case.

Stacks Goudkamp are experts in rental property injuries

At Stacks Goudkamp, we specialise in helping people who have been injured in rental property accidents.  Our public liability compensation lawyers have an outstanding track record in obtaining compensation.

Stacks Goudkamp will act for you on a “no win, no fee” basis. We have successfully acted for tenants who have sued landlords for injuries sustained in rental properties.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a rental property accident  you should Contact us without delay, as time limitation periods apply and, even more importantly, it is merely prudent for investigations into the circumstances of the accidents to be undertaken as close to the date the accident as possible.



I could write a book as to how the last 4 years would have been different if not for Tom and his team.
The support, assistance, advice from the first conversation till even after the settlement was second to none from the team at Stacks Goudkamp.
Four years on and after many downs, my children and I have our lives back.
We are unable to THANK YOU enough, but know that you have changed our lives for the better in so many ways since the accident.