David Goudkamp

David Goudkamp is the CEO of Stacks Goudkamp.

David Goudkamp has been an integral part of Stacks Goudkamp for over 15 years, having joined the firm in the early stages of his career. During this time, he has gained a deep understanding of the firm’s values, culture, and vision, which he brings to his current role as CEO.

As CEO, David is responsible for leading the strategic direction of the firm and ensuring that it continues to be a leader in personal injury law in Australia. He oversees the firm’s operations, including business development, financial management, client relations, and staff management.

David is deeply committed to maintaining Stacks Goudkamp’s reputation as a compassionate and understanding law firm. He understands the importance of treating clients with empathy and respect, and he works closely with the firm’s lawyers and support staff to ensure that every client receives the highest level of care.

In his spare time David likes to spend time with his family and friends.