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Enterprise Agreements

As contemplated by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) an enterprise agreement is made at the enterprise level and provides terms and conditions for those employees to whom it applies. An enterprise agreement can have terms that are ancillary or supplementary to the National Employment Standards.

An enterprise agreement may be made about permitted matters, including:

  • matters pertaining to the relationship between the employer(s) and employees who will be covered by the agreement
  • matters pertaining to the relationship between the employer(s) and employee organisation(s) (i.e. unions) that will be covered by the agreement
  • deductions from wages for any purpose authorised by an employee who will be covered by the agreement
  • how the enterprise agreement will operate

At  Stacks Goudkamp you can draw on our capability, knowledge and expertise regarding enterprise agreements, including:

  • Compliance obligations under an enterprise agreement
  • Dealing with disputes under an enterprise agreement
  • Effects of enterprise agreement (coverage, transfer of business)
  • Enforcement issues relating to an enterprise agreement
  • Enterprise agreement (negotiation, content, making and approval process)
  • Fair Work Commission approving an enterprise agreement with undertakings
  • Interpretation of an enterprise agreement
  • Whether the Fair Work Commission is satisfied an enterprise agreement that is not a greenfields agreement passes the better off overall test (i.e. the BOOT test)
  • Termination of an enterprise agreement
  • Variation of an enterprise agreement