Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation in Sydney

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, or have received an injury involving a truck, a bicycle or a motorcycle, we can give you the trusted legal support you need to reach an outcome.

Our experienced and compassionate legal team  have helped other people like you to understand what you are entitled to, and will guide you through the compensation process.

Time is vital when it comes to making a personal injury claim, so contact Stacks Goudkamp. Your first consultation is free.

How Does the Injury Compensation Process Work?

Stacks Goudkamp offers an obligation-free interview to help you understand the compensation process. This initial interview, which is free of charge, will assist and inform you in a range of ways. We will:

  • Spend time getting to know and understand you
  • Explain any time limits that apply to your claim
  • Explain what you need to lodge a claim
  • Explain who pays the legal fees
  • Explain what your claim will involve
  • Explain how long your claim may take

Are There Time Limits to My Claim?

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident you should contact us immediately for expert legal advice. All personal injury claims are governed by specific time limits.

Who Pays for the Legal Fees?

We believe in trust and honesty – and will not charge any fees until your case is successful. When you begin your journey with us, you will enter into a fee agreement. If your claim is successful then the insurance company at fault will largely cover your costs. Expenses during the course of the claim, such as the cost of medical reports, will be covered by us.

What Will My Claim Involve?

We will guide you through the entire process to ensure that you are protected and supported. Most personal injury cases do  not go to court but our team is prepared to represent and support you in court if necessary. Our investigations may involve attending the scene of the accident and interviewing appropriate parties and experts.

Types of Motor Vehicle Compensation

Anyone who has been injured because of a motor vehicle accident should contact us. Compensation claims can be made for a very wide variety of motor vehicle accidents, and our specialist compensation lawyers are experts in the following:

Contact your local team for a personal consultation to find out if you are eligible for a claim. Call 1800 25 1800 today.



Motor Vehicle Injury Compensation Case Studies

Brian, aged 62, was driving home one night when he was hit at speed by a stolen vehicle. He injured his neck and back in the accident and his car was written off.

Brian kept himself fit and well prior to the accident, but he had some longstanding health problems including pain in his back before this accident.

The insurance company refused to pay for surgery and treatment he needed on the basis that it was not related to the car accident. We were able to prove, through expert medical evidence, that the majority of his problems were caused by the car accident and not his pre-existing condition. We obtained an excellent settlement for Brian including a generous allowance to cover all his medical treatment needs and housecleaning and gardening care for the future.