Bus Injury Compensation Claims

If you are a bus or coach driver who has been injured whilst driving your work vehicle, you may have rights to compensation under compulsory third party insurance legislation, workers compensation legislation, or both.

Our specialist personal injury lawyers will assess your claim and advise you on your rights.  Where you have a choice of claims, our compensation experts will explain the benefits of each of your options, for example which scheme would provide regular income make up for loss of earnings, and which scheme would provide more generous pain and suffering compensation.

If you were a passenger on a bus or coach who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is highly likely that you will be entitled to compensation.   This is the case if you were a passenger on public transport, or in a private vehicle for example on a coach holiday, bus tour or airport transfer.  Our expert personal injury lawyers will advise you on your rights, identify the responsible insurer, and lodge a claim on your behalf.

Over our three decades of experience we have successfully secured compensation for numerous victims of bus and coach accidents in NSW and beyond.

To read some examples of our successful bus and coach accident claims, visit our case studies page here.

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Bus Accident Compensation Case Studies

Anna was an elite water polo player destined to represent Australia in the Olympics. Unfortunately her dreams evaporated in April 2008 when her car collided with a bus at an intersection within the Olympic Stadium precinct.

She suffered serious orthopaedic injuries and significant psychological problems.

The insurance company for the bus, whilst admitting the bus driver was at fault, accused Anna of 75% contributory negligence because she was speeding and went through an amber light.

Anna has no memory of the accident but an independent witness confirmed that she was driving over the speed limit and accelerated through the intersection after the lights turned amber. This case was settled at an informal settlement conference on the basis that Anna’s contributory negligence was 45% and for a very considerable sum.

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