Uninsured Vehicle Accident Compensation

Compulsory third party (CTP) or ‘green slip’ insurance is mandatory in NSW for all registered vehicles.  It is compulsory to have valid CTP insurance when registering a vehicle, and it is illegal to drive on the public highway without this insurance.

If you have been injured on the road by an unregistered and therefore uninsured vehicle, it is still possible to bring a personal injury claim.  In this situation, our specialist compensation lawyers will bring a personal injury claim against the Nominal Defendant on your behalf.  We will prepare your Personal Injury Claim Form and submit it to the Motor Accident Authority (MAA).  The MAA will then allocate the claim to one of NSW’s CTP insurers to deal with.

If you have been injured in a private place by an unregistered vehicle, such as by a forklift truck or farm vehicle in a work place, other legal avenues may be available to you.  Our expert personal injury lawyers will advise you about your legal rights in this complex area.

Our motor vehicle claim lawyers will investigate the circumstances of your accident and submit your claim to the appropriate body or insurer.  We will then deal with the insurer on your behalf and fight to secure you the compensation you deserve.

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Uninsured vehicle compensation case studies

Our client alleged that he was forced off the road by an unidentified motor vehicle and suffered back and brain injuries.

He brought a claim against the Nominal Defendant (which is the body that a claim is brought against in cases involved unidentified or unregistered vehicles). There were no witnesses to the incident who could verify that there had been another vehicle involved, and the insurer denied liability for the claim. After protracted litigation the matter was successfully settled.

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