Dog Bite and Animal Injury Case Studies


Warwick was walking his two small dogs along a quiet suburban street in Sydney when two Rottweilers escaped from a neighbouring property and attacked his dogs. Warwick suffered injury to his shoulder, neck and back as he tried to fight off the Rottweilers and protect his dogs.

The rottweilers’ owner had left the gate of his rented premises open, allowing the dogs to escape. Warwick needed ongoing medical treatment and was unable to work as a result of his injuries. We were able to successfully recover compensation for Warwick from the owner of the Rottweilers.


We represented Helen, a pensioner aged 68, who was viciously attacked by a large dog. Helen sustained a displaced spiral fracture of her left femur, which required surgery. Helen’s leg injury was very debilitating and restricted her mobility. Helen, who lived on her own, had to rely on family and friends to assist her with basic daily activities, such as household duties and personal care tasks. Our investigations revealed that the owners of the dog had a policy of insurance that provided coverage for Helen’s accident. After identifying the public liability insurer, Helen, through us, managed to successfully pursue a claim for compensation. Helen’s claim settled out of Court for an amount that compensated her for her pain and suffering, as well as her need for care and treatment.