Sporting Injury Case Studies


Our client, a university student, did a backward somersault on an adult jumping castle and broke his neck.

After months of intensive rehabilitation he made a remarkable neurological recovery, being able to walk and to work.

We brought the claim for him against the supplier of the jumping castle for its failure to give users proper instructions and supervision, plus the university which had hired the jumping castle.

Despite the obvious difficulties our client faced in establishing liability by one or both of the defendants the claim was settled for a very significant sum with little or no compromise by our client on liability.


Christopher suffered burns in a boating accident on Pittwater when he fell into an uncovered hole as he walked through the captain’s cabin.  A claim was made against the boat owner for having failed to warn that the hole was uncovered or failing to ensure that the cabin area was safe. There were differing versions of how the accident occurred and there was some significant resistance put up by the owner, who was uninsured, to pay anything. Finally a settlement which was satisfactory to all parties was negotiated.


Jason was rendered a quadriplegic when using a skate jump that went into a pit. The participants went up and off the jump on skateboards or, in Jason’s case, bicycles and landed in a pit that was filled with foam and old mattresses. The jump had been constructed by a Church organisation for a local youth event. The organiser had later suggested Jason and his kids should come and use it. However the Church had not filled the pit with adequate material and had lined the base of the pit with wooden pallets. We alleged that Jason went through the material in the pit and hit the wooden pallets beneath, however there was an argument as to whether he did in fact hit the bottom and also as to whether this was an obvious risk of a dangerous recreational activity. It was not a straightforward case. However, in the end, the case was settled for a substantial amount.