Emergency Service Workers Injury Compensation

Emergency services workers such as paramedics, police officers, firefighters, and bushfire volunteer firefighters put their lives and welfare in danger to protect others.  These jobs can be physically demanding, stressful and the work often involves witnessing traumatic events.  Our expert workers compensation lawyers understand the additional pressures of such jobs, and specialise in assisting emergency services workers with their workers compensation claims.

If you are an emergency services worker who has been injured at work, our specialist lawyers will advise you on your rights to compensation from weekly payments to medical and psychological treatment expenses, lump sum compensation, and work injury damages compensation.

We have over 40 years of experience in obtaining compensation for injured emergency services personnel.  Most emergency services workers are exempt from the workers compensation legislation reforms that were made in June 2012, and it is therefore important to seek advice from a specialist in this area.

To read some examples of claims that we have successfully brought for emergency services workers, visit our case studies page here.

Contact us now to speak to a specialist solicitor about your workers compensation entitlements if you are an emergency services worker who has suffered a workplace injury.



Emergency service workers compensation case studies

Our client was an experienced and dedicated police officer expose to numerous horrific events during the course of his employment as a result of which he sustained psychological injury and was medically retired.  We successfully pursue lump sum claims for permanent impairment.

Liability for work injury damages was denied but we successfully pursued this claim through the court resulting a substantial settlement in our client’s favour.  We also successfully pursued claims for total and permanent disablement benefits through our client’s superannuation fund.

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