Workers Medical Treatment Claims

If you have suffered a work place accident, you may be entitled to have your medical, hospital and rehabilitation expenses paid by your employer’s workers compensation insurer.  This can include the cost of surgery, consultations with medical specialists, psychological counselling, medication, physiotherapy, x-rays and scans, and travelling expenses to appointments. The workers compensation insurer is obliged to pay for medical expenses that are related to your work place injury and are reasonably necessary to your injury.

There are time limits for claiming the cost of medical expenses, which our expert workers compensation solicitors can advise you on.

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Workers Medical Treatment Compensation Case Studies

Our client suffered a badly torn hamstring requiring surgical repair. This caused him to limp for a prolonged period resulting in significant aggravation of osteoarthritis in the hip, eventually requiring hip replacement. The insurer denied liability for the cost of the hip replacement.  We proceeded through the Workers Compensation Commission and our client was awarded a lump sum payment for permanent impairment, and the cost of the hip replacement.

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