Workers Weekly Payment Disputes

If you have been injured at work and as a result you either cannot work or can only work reduced hours, you may be entitled to weekly payments from your employer’s workers compensation insurer.  These payments may either be weekly wage payments or top up payments when you only have capacity to return to work part time.

The amount of weekly payments you are entitled to will depend on your pre-injury weekly earnings, the maximum weekly compensation amount according to regulations, your capacity to work, and the length of time that has passed since you sustained your injury.

Our expert workers compensation lawyers have over 40 years of assisting injured workers obtain the weekly payments that they are entitled to.

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Workers weekly payment dispute case studies

Our client was a radiographer who developed pain in her wrist as a result of repetitive positioning of female clients for mammography. An MRI showed a ganglion and our client was required to undergo an operation. After two months, following her operation, she returned to work on light duties, however her workload was quite heavy and her hours were reduced.

The insurer did not accept her claim on the basis that their specialist was of the view that her problems were due to old age and were not caused by work. We sought a review of their decision, however  the insurer still maintained that their decision was correct.

Proceedings were commenced in the Workers Compensation Commission for loss of wages for  time off work  and payment of medical expenses for her operation and medical treatment. The matter was resolved prior to arbitration, with the insurer agreeing to reimburse our client for her time off work and medicals relating to her injury.