Workers Lump Sum / Impairment Claims

If you have been injured at work, you may be entitled to a lump sum compensation payment.

Your eligibility for lump sum compensation will depend on  the level of your permanent impairment.  Generally speaking,you are only entitled to lump sum compensation if your whole person impairment for a physical injury is assessed at 11% or greater, or your whole person impairment for a psychological injury is assessed at 15% or greater. There is no threshold for physical injuries sustained by police officers, ambulance officers or fire fighters.

You may only make one claim for lump sum compensation after 19 June 2012.

Our expert lawyers will advise you on your entitlement to lump sum compensation and arrange for your whole person impairment to be assessed by an independent medical specialist.

To read some examples of cases where we have obtained lump sum compensation for our clients, visit our case studies page here.

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Workers lump sum/ impairment claim case studies

Our client was a registered nurse who slipped on wet floor when working on night shift. Our client sustained injury to her right shoulder and started to also favour her left shoulder as she was using this more to compensate for her injury.

The insurer only initially accepted one shoulder  but we were able to successfully argue at arbitration, that both shoulder complaints were related to her initial injury. This  assisted our client in satisfying  the threshold of being at least 15% WPI and allowed her to commence a negligence against her employer.

Her claim was recently referred to mediation and resolved for a lump sum which represented a significant component for future economic loss and lost superannuation entitlements.

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