As the coronavirus crisis continues, more and more instances of infection and even loss of life are being linked to cruise ships.

The Police Commissioner has confirmed that Carnival Australia is now facing a criminal investigation as a result of the deaths of Ruby Princess passengers.

Questions continue to be raised over the responsibilities (duty of care) of cruise companies.

There are even suggestions that a class action may be pursued.

It is far too early to determine what if any losses arising from the crisis will be compensable, let alone whether the requirements for bringing a class action will be met. It may well be that a class action cannot be pursued due to an insufficient number of eligible candidates.

When looking into potential claims for compensation, duty of care is just one consideration. Questions need to be asked about the actual losses suffered and their value in monetary terms –

  • Are the consequences of contracting coronavirus long-term in nature?
  • Does coronavirus result in permanent disabilities?
  • Has the death of a loved one resulted in compensable losses?

Reports are that many coronavirus sufferers are making good recoveries with minimal long-term effects, however perhaps time will tell.

In Australia family members are not automatically entitled to compensation for the negligent death of a loved one. There are only certain expenses and losses that can be claimed.

Written by Rita Yousef

Rita Yousef is a solicitor in our Common Law Practice Group. Rita represents people in a wide variety of matters including travel claims, motor vehicle accidents and public liability claims.

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