A few months ago we posted an article about the prevalence of electric scooters in Paris and what would happen if someone in NSW was injured on or by an electric scooter https://stacksgoudkamp.com.au/blog/electric-scooters-health-or-hazard/ Here is an electric scooters update.

Well, Tom is on another holiday and reports from England that the UK Department for Transport has banned electric scooters from the roads and footpaths and had written to retailers advising them to remind purchasers of this when they are buying an electric scooter. This action has been taken following the tragic death in London of YouTube star Emily Hartridge who collided with a truck while riding her electric scooter and the serious head injury occasioned to a 14 year old boy who collided with a bus, also in London.

In NSW electric scooters are still banned from our roads and footpaths although there are trials taking place in Manly and Bondi. In one social media report of which we are aware an electric scooter user (not in those areas) was fined $2,500 for five offences including:

  • Using an Unlicensed Vehicle
  • Using an Uninsured Motor Vehicle
  • Using an Unregistered Motor Vehicle on road
  • Driving a Motor Vehicle on the footpath
  • Motor Bike Rider not wearing an approved helmet

We will keep you informed of any changes in the law or any relevant cases that arise.