The annual fun run event City2Surf will again be taking place this coming weekend on 13 August 2017. The event usually attracts thousands of participants each year and this year is sure to be no exception, with thousands of people already registered to participate in the event.

Here are some interesting facts about what is considered to be one of the largest running events in the world.

Did you know?

  • The City2Surf first began in 1971 and is always held on the second Sunday of August each year. The only time it was not held on this day was in 2000, when it was held earlier in July due to the Sydney Olympics.
  • The course is 14 kilometres long which begins in the Sydney CBD (next to Hyde Park) and ends in Bondi Beach. It goes through a number of eastern Sydney suburbs including Kings Cross, Double Bay, and Vaucluse.
  • At about the halfway mark is the notorious “Heartbreak Hill” which is a 2-kilometre steep and winding ascent which is easily the most difficult part of the course. This is along New South Head Road going from Rose Bay to Vaucluse.
  • Contrary to what most people think, you do not need to be exceptionally fit to participate in the run. There are a total of five groups you can register into depending on how fast you intend to finish the run. These range from the invitation-only and preferred (professional) runner groups, all the way to the open entry “Back of the Pack” group which include people wearing costumes, parents with prams, and people who just want to walk the entire course!
  • One of the regular features of the run is the variety of amateur bands that perform along the suburban roads next to the course. They are often a welcome source of entertainment and distraction from the amount of leg pain you may be experiencing while trying to run as fast as you can to that finish line!
  • When you register for City2Surf, you have the option of choosing a charity to donate. Also included in the registration fee is free bus and train transport on the day of the race.

So whether you are a regular participant or still thinking about doing it for the first time next year, the City2Surf is a fun and worthwhile event which you should not miss!