On 20 August 2019, the University of Wollongong welcomed the Honourable Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG, Dr Elisa Arcioni, and our very own, Oxford University Professor James Goudkamp, for an interview on ‘Life of an Associate on the High Court’.

Dr Arcioni and Professor Goudkamp served as Justice Kirby’s Associates on the High Court in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

The lecture hall was filled with law students and academics.

The lecture was a lively conversation, with Justice Kirby in effect interviewing his former Associates about their experiences working for him and how they managed to be appointed ahead of scores of other applicants for the prestigious positions.

Professor Goudkamp recalled that Justice Kirby’s invitation to attend an interview was sent to the wrong address which Professor Goudkamp only discovered by sheer luck and just in a nick of time before the designated date. The rest is history. Justice Kirby observed that “life hangs on these little, flimsy, throws.”

Both former associates also recalled their most memorable cases on the High Court. The large audience was enthralled.

To view the whole conversation between Honourable Justice Michael Kirby, Professor Goudkamp and Dr Arcionil, please click here