Emily Yap

Emily is a talented and accomplished individual with an impressive background in law and language. Emily earned her Bachelor of Laws with Distinction in early 2023, solidifying her status as a high-achieving student.

Emily began her career with Stacks Goudkamp in the public liability team in late-2022, where she continues to excel. Her legal knowledge and experience are complemented by her unique ability to communicate fluently in multiple languages. Emily is a NAATI accredited interpreter in both Mandarin and Cantonese, a skill she has honed since 2014.

Her previous work as an interpreter in hospitals and courts has given Emily a strong foundation of medical and legal knowledge, which makes her especially well-suited to practice in personal injury law.

Emily deeply appreciates the physical, emotional, and financial strain that personal injuries can cause, which motivates her to help clients with a compassionate and professional approach.In her free time, Emily enjoys playing board games, busking, and bouldering. Her diverse interests and outgoing personality make her a pleasure to be around.

1800 251 800

Practice Areas

  • Public Liability
  • Travel Accidents


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Combined Master of Translation and Interpreting & Master of International Relations
  • Bachelor of Laws (with Distinction)