Making a Claim for Total and Permanent Disablement

There can be a lot of confusion about what people are able to claim with regard to their superannuation policy. There are numerous benefits available when you make a claim for a total and permanent disablement, and the trusted team at Stacks Goudkamp can help make the process as simple as possible.

What is a Claim for Total and Permanent Disablement?

If something has happened that prevents you from being able to work in your usual job, the superannuation policy can cover you financially. This policy is separate from the contributions that your employer makes on your behalf toyour superannuation fund, and making a claim could result in additional beneficial coverage.

Are You Eligible

In order to make a claim for total and permanent disablement, you must meet a few criteria:

  • You’ve stopped work because of an injury, illness, or medical condition
  • You’re unlikely to return to your usual occupation
  • You were under 65 years when the employment stopped
  • You were a member of a superannuation fund at the time you ceased employment.

If you meet the criteria, you may be eligible to receive a lump sum that is dependent on the insurance you have on your superannuation policy.

When Do You Make a Claim?

There is no time limit for you to lodge a claim for total and permanent disablement provided that your employment has not been formally  terminated. If your employment has been formally terminated, you are required to make a claim within two years of the termination date.

What Will it Cost?

We understand that seeking legal assistance for these kinds of issues immediately forces you to weigh the costs against the benefits. Stacks Goudkamp is a compassionate law firm that doesn’t wish to pile on more worry and concern during an already stressful time. We will cover the expenses incurred when making your superannuation claim so you don’t have to worry about making payments right away.

If we don’t feel that you have the potential for success in your claim, we won’t charge you for any work we’ve previously done to get us to that stage. Our cost agreements state fee estimates for different stages of the claim so you can carefully plan, prepare, and have peace of mind knowing there will be no surprises.

If you have any queries in relation to a TPD claim or your potential entitlements under your superannuation cover, please do not hesitate to contact Karina Goodall at Stacks Goudkamp, on 1800 25 1800 or make an online enquiry.