7 Essential Checks for Your Vehicle Before a Long Road Trip

road trip


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While road awareness, obeying the law and stopping for breaks can all be important, the condition of your vehicle trailer significantly contributes to road safety and accident prevention. This is especially important on those longer drives, such as holiday road trips. With that in mind, here are 7 checks you should make on your vehicle before travelling to ensure safety for both your vehicle and passengers. 

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Tyres

To protect your tyres against blowouts, ensure they have no foreign objects such as nails lodged in them. 

You should also check for tears, punctures and leaks, as well as tread depth – which will ensure your car maintains a safe grip on the road. This should be a minimum of 1.5mm. Make sure your tyres are well pumped too – check your manual or ask an expert if you’re unsure about proper pressures. 

Packing a spare tyre is also a good idea. 

  1. Replace Your Brakes

Worn brake pads will have reduced effectiveness and this could be important in emergency situations. Ensure your brake pads are checked by a professional and replaced before your travel if necessary. 

  1. Fix all Your Fluid Levels

There are a range of fluid levels that will need checking before you travel. Make sure that you have these fluid levels examined.

It is also recommended that you have your coolant hoses checked for their condition to prevent leaking.


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