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1801, 2017

Harrington Estates (NSW) Ltd t/as Harrington Grove Country Club v Turner [2016] NSWCA 369

January 18th, 2017|

Mr Turner (the plaintiff) attended the wedding of his daughter at the Harrington Grove Country Club. Later in the night the plaintiff carried the remainder of the wedding cake to the boot of his car, located in the Club car park. At the rear of the parking bay was a concrete kerb immediately followed by a garden bed. After closing the boot of his car the plaintiff stepped back into the garden bed, causing him to fall and suffer serious injuries. The plaintiff brought a claim against the Club and the architect, Hassell Ltd, which had been retained to provide architectural and landscape design services at the site.
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1710, 2016

Gulic v Boral Transport Ltd [2016] NSWCA 269

October 17th, 2016|

Mr Gulic (the plaintiff) was injured whilst working as a driver of a prime mover on behalf of Boral Transport Pty Ltd (Boral), supplying bricks and pavers to building sites throughout New South Wales. The plaintiff was employed as a driver of the prime mover owned by GMG Transport Pty Ltd (GMG), of which he as the sole director and shareholder, and was contracted by Boral for the provision of these cartage services.
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2609, 2016

Aldi Foods Pty Ltd v Young [2016] NSWCA 109

September 26th, 2016|

On 22 July 2009 Ms Susan Young, a 52 year old woman, was shopping at an Aldi Supermarket in New South Wales. An employee of Aldi, Mr Tidmarsh, was unpacking and restocking strawberries from a ‘pallet jack’ trolley. The pallet jack was placed in a cross-aisle, which was blocking access to another aisle. Ms Young attempted to go around the pallet jack and stumbled forward and fell. She injured her back, shoulder and right knee.
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107, 2016

QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd v Mordue [2015] NSWCA 380

July 1st, 2016|

Mr Mordue was involved in a motor vehicle accident on 1 December 2012 whilst a passenger in a motor vehicle participating in a motor rally event in a national forest near Taree. He sustained a significant injury to his neck. There was major dispute with the insurer related to admissions of liability and indemnity.
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1305, 2016

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Valve Corporation (No 3) [2016] FCA 196

May 13th, 2016|

Valve Corporation is a company based in the State of Washington in the United States of America, that sells online computer games globally, including to consumers in Australia. It had a no refund policy which was contained in contractual documents and confirmed by online chat representatives. Certain Australian consumers were unsatisfied by the quality of the online games that they had purchased and sought refunds. These refunds were declined by Valve in accordance with their no refund policy. Australian consumers therefore complained to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).
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405, 2016

Samaan bht Samaan v Kentucky Fried Chicken Pty Ltd [2012] NSWSC 381

May 4th, 2016|

On 24 October 2005, the Plaintiff’s father, Mr Samaan purchased a KFC ‘Twister’ wrap at its Villawood Store. Ms Monika Samaan (the Plaintiff) was just seven years old when she consumed the Twister wrap and subsequently became dangerously ill, contracting Salmonella Encephalopathy (“Salmonella Poisoning”).
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