Many injured clients ask whether they should speak to an investigator once they lodge a claim, and are contacted by an investigator for a face to face conference in order to obtain a detailed statement. Insurers often request this at the outset of a claim to determine liability. Our advice is that it is not a good idea to provide a statement to the insurer’s investigator unless you consult your solicitor first.

Providing a statement to the insurer setting out what happened might seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference at the end of your claim. Whilst you may think there is nothing to hide in having an investigator take down your version of events, you would be surprised at how certain comments or certain things that were not asked and therefore not set down can significantly impact and be twisted by the insurer or their legal representative.

The best approach is to say that you will have your solicitor contact the investigator and ask for a list of questions. The solicitor can then vet the questions and query the relevance of those which might not be relevant.

In other words the less information that is provided to the other side the better.

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Written by Anna Tavianatos.

Anna Tavianatos is a Group Practice Leader at Stacks Goudkamp. Anna works on a variety of compensation claims including accidents on the road and public liability claims, Workers Compensation and Work Injury Damages.