Bullying in the Workplace

Unfortunately, bullying isn’t limited to the schoolyard. Bullying in the workplace is a serious issue experienced by thousands of employees across the country.Bullying can occur in all workplaces, industries and levels, and can have lasting impacts on the victims. While some bullying behaviour is obvious, other forms of torment are subtler. If you’re feeling unreasonable miserable or apprehensive about going to work, or you find yourself avoiding certain colleagues, you may be a victim of workplace bullying.

Unfair or Unreasonable Treatment from Management

While managers and supervisors are meant to provide support and guidance, some employees point to their bosses as the perpetuators of bullying. To find out whether you’re dealing with a bully or just a nasty personality, take a look at how your co-workers are being treated. You might find yourself being held to inconsistent standards when compared to your peers. If you’re being saddled with unjustly difficult projects, having reasonable requests denied or being subject to intense question over your decisions, it could be time to contact Stacks Goudkamp for legal advice regarding your workplace bullying issues.

Social Alienation

Bullying in the workplace isn’t always carried out by a single culprit. With the wrong combination of personalities, a workplace can turn toxic. If you find yourself being deliberately excluded from conversations or social occasions, there is a chance you could be a bullying victim. This behaviour isn’t always intentional. Sometimes, colleagues can form cliques unintentionally, leaving any newcomers feeling left out. However, if you’re experiencing frequent instances of exclusionary behaviour, it’s probably a case of workplace bullying.

Undeserved Criticism

Everyone makes a mistake every now and then, but receiving extremely harsh or undeserved criticism can be a key indicator you’re being bullied at work. A bully might attack your work in front of co-workers, or hold you to impossibly high standards. Another favourite tactic of bullies is to change the direction or goal of a project without telling you, so you’re in the wrong no matter what. Most colleagues know how to deliver constructive criticism in a polite and tactful manner, so it should be easy to tell the difference.

Personal Comments

Has a co-worker recently upset you with a personal comment? Have you been subject to taunts about your appearance, background or preferences?Personal attacks are a clear case of workplace bullying. Some bullies might believe that a few harmless jokes are all in good fun, but the smallest comments can cause lasting psychological harm. Sexism, racism and homophobia have no place in the workplace. If you’re experiencing discriminatory comments or probing questions, contact Stacks Goudkamp immediately for assistance.


Bullying in the workplace can have detrimental effects on your physical wellbeing, mental health and career progression. If you need to bring an action against your employer for workplace bullying or unlawful discrimination, contact Stacks Goudkamp and we will help you understand your options. Call our professional team on 1800 251 800 or visit our contact page.