As summer temperatures begin to soar, many Australians are preparing to head to the ski fields of the northern hemisphere for a traditional white Christmas.

Travel law specialist Victoria Gallanders, solicitor at Stacks Goudkamp Law Firm in Sydney, offers these tips for having a safe Christmas in the snow and what to do if you suffer the misfortune of a ski accident abroad:

Many skiing accidents are caused by the negligence of others, like being taken out by a skier who is out of control or did not give way.  If you are injured in a skiing accident abroad, take down the name and contact details of the person at fault and any witnesses.  Take photos and tell mountain rescue and your doctors how the accident happened.

When you return to Australia, you should seek legal advice for your skiing accident.  You may be entitled to compensation for losses not included in your travel insurance, like pain and suffering and loss of earnings.  Most people on the slopes will have public liability insurance for injuries they cause to others, to whom a claim can be submitted.

Although you can bring a claim in Australia, foreign law will apply to many aspects of your claim including time limits, so it is important to obtain specialist legal advice as soon as possible after returning home.

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