As New South Wales begins to assess the damage caused by the April 2015 storm, we provide 3 DOs and DON’Ts to assist you when making a claim on your insurance policy:

 The DOs:

  1. DO – GATHER AND PRESERVE EVIDENCE: This includes making a list of damaged items, taking photographs, keeping samples of items that have to be disposed of as a health risk, and locating receipts or bank statements supporting the cost of your damaged items.
  1. DO – LOCATE YOUR INSURANCE POLICY: Check what you’re covered for and how to make a claim. You may have benefits that you had forgotten about, like temporary accommodation cover. If you can’t find your policy, request one from your insurance company or your broker.
  1. DO – NOTIFY YOUR INSURER AND LODGE A CLAIM: Remember to include all items, even those that you are unsure of. Once your insurance company has paid out for an incident, you won’t be able to claim again. If you’re not sure, our insurance dispute experts can help you with the claim form.

 The DON’Ts:

  1. DON’T – GET REPAIRS DONE WITHOUT APPROVAL: Your insurance company may deny payment for the work done without their authorisation, so you may end up out of pocket.
  1. DON’T – FEEL PRESSURED TO SETTLE: If you consider your insurer’s pay out offer to be too low, seek our expert advice. You may be entitled to more than the insurer is offering. Once you accept a payout offer, there is little further recourse against your insurance company, so if in doubt, seek our help.
  1. DON’T – GIVE UP IF YOUR CLAIM IS DENIED: Just because your insurer has denied or disputed your claim, they are not necessarily right! Persevere, or ask our experts for advice.

For more information about General Insurance Disputes, contact Ryan Brown or Yevgeni Shkuratov.