This week is Stay Smart Online Week 2018, an annual initiative run by the Australian Government through the Australian Cyber Security Centre to fightback against cybercrime and help Australian businesses and families stay safe online (see:

As a supporting partner, this week Stacks is doing its bit to help spread the message and reverse the threat of cybercrime.

We can all take simple actions at home and at work to keep ourselves, our families and workplaces protected when connected.

Cyber risk on the rise for Australian law firms

Did you know that cybercrime last year cost the Australian economy an estimated $3 billion and hit 6.09 million Australians? That’s one in four of us, in just one year!

Equally, the risk for Australians law firms being affected by cybercrime has increased considerably in the last 12 months and that trend continues. There have now been several widely reported incidents where law firms or their clients have been the victim of cyber fraud.

Managing cyber risk is no longer an ‘IT problem’. We all need to develop an understanding of these risks so that we can proactively manage them, just as we do in other areas. The more we’re all aware, the more capable we are of applying that knowledge to protect ourselves, our families and our clients.