Stacks Goudkamp Testimonials


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My career in the New South Wales Police Force was brought to a sudden and unexpected end. I quickly found myself in a position where, due to both a physical and mental issue, everything in my life was rapidly changing. Everything I knew, and had, from self-worth to family, was suddenly at risk. Enter Stacks Goudkamp.

My work damages claim, which then rolled into a claim for Total and Permanent Disability, was not an easy one. In fact, it took years. This was compounded by the fact that two insurers were involved, as one had just taken over from the other, and I of course, was medically discharged right in the middle of the changeover.

So, you can imagine how they fought with each other, as well as with Stacks. This required an added level of many things, patience, tenacity, compassion, knowledge, research, all of which were displayed by Cali Baldwin. Let me assure you, Cali was brilliant.

My case looked destined for an average result many times, but this was where Cali dug in. She probably wouldn’t want me to say this (so as not to set a precedent), but the late-night calls and emails only demonstrated to me how hard working and dedicated to her work she is. She surprised me many times by knowing things about my file that I wouldn’t have expected her to know. And most importantly, she was personally responsible for a late negotiation which saw my settlement amount increase significantly. There is no way of avoiding how scripted this might sound, but it’s an absolute fact, Cali changed my life, by allowing me to find a way to get my life back.

Forever Grateful