Stacks Goudkamp Testimonials


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My husband suffered a medical misadventure during surgery for cancer that resulted in him losing the use of his right leg. His femoral nerve was accidently severed during surgery. His life changed overnight. Our life changed overnight. We were referred by a friend to Julie Mahony, a medical negligence expert, at Stacks Goudkamp. Julie is exactly the person you want to sit in front of when you have a problem.

She was empathetic to a point and then it was all down to business. Our confidence in her was immediate. In our first meeting Julie explained her heavy workload and introduced us to Alexander Hairs explaining that he would work with us on a day-to-day basis while she would still personally oversee our case. My husband was fine with that. I wasn’t comfortable with that at first but as soon as we started working with Alexander it was clear he and Julie were cut from the same cloth.

Team Mahony-Hairs were a formidable team and my husband and I could not recommend them more highly. Even during the pandemic, while maintaining genuine concern for my husband’s health and welfare, it was business as usual. Appropriately attired in face masks and carrying the mandatory bottle of hand sanitiser nothing stopped them from pushing forward with what needed to be done. In our case it was a mediation. At the end of the day Julie and Alexander were the perfect team for us. They are a brilliant balance. What one didn’t think of the other did. Both were always available. And yes…they did win the fight for us. Now my husband can concentrate on winning the battle. We are very grateful to both of them.