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I have been dealing with Alex and Jane for my legal case regarding my carpal tunnel post fracture. I have never needed a solicitor before so this was a whole new ballgame.

I have been impressed with Alex’s professionalism, integrity and support during this long process. I was very glad we came to settlement three weeks ago through mediation. It has been a hard process, with all my personal challenges and moving back to Melbourne two years ago. I have really appreciated not only Alex’s skills but his kindness during my challenges over last three years. He could have kept our relationship strictly at a case level but was pleased at his and Jane’s support during my other personal challenges which had nothing to do with the legal case.

I am very glad with the settlement that Greg Hickey negotiated and will now be able to buy a property which I am very excited about. In the almost four years since my fall at Ryde Hospital I can put this money to good use. It makes me feel secure. I would not have ever been able to buy property if this did not happen. I knew Alex and Greg would do their best to get me the best possible settlement but was pleased as it was more than what I thought possible.

At times I wanted to throw in the towel due my life being analysed by so many medical professionals but Alex and Jane have been supportive through the long saga. I am so glad it’s over. I would highly recommend this firm if friends asked for a referral. Alex would also not be as efficient without Jane’s efficiency.