Stacks Goudkamp Testimonials


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I would highly recommend the Workers Compensation legal team at Stacks Goudkamp. If your claim for medical treatment is rejected by an insurer, the Stacks Goudkamp legal team will help guide you through your rights and entitlements all the way through arbitration and beyond.

After my claim to have surgery following a work-related injury was rejected by the insurer, my Stacks Goudkamp legal team assisted me to be successful in my case at the Workers Compensation Commission so that I was able to have the required surgery and associated rehabilitation. Anna Tavianatos then handled my compensation claim and continues to be available to guide me through ongoing medical issues associated with my case.

I would never have been able to navigate the worker’s compensation jurisdiction on my own and to have achieved the successful outcomes that Anna and her team have been able to achieve. I am enormously grateful for your advice and counsel. Thank you.