Environmental Hazards

Australians are lucky to live in a country with such vast beauty, and as such we are proud and protective of our environment from the red outback to the blue Great Barrier Reef. But our environment starts at home, and when there are hazards in our environment, it can cause and aggravate health complaints. If this has happened to you, you might be entitled to compensation.

Examples of personal injury claims arising from environmental hazards include the following:

  • Medical conditions caused by mould
  • Airborne diseases such as anthrax
  • Respiratory conditions caused by fumes
  • Waterborne diseases such as legionnaires disease
  • Contaminated water supply

The consequences of environmental hazards can be devastating, and can often lead to lifelong chronic medical conditions. It is, therefore, important that you get advice from a personal injury lawyer with expertise in this area.

To find out about our successful public liability claims arising from environmental hazards, visit our case studies page here.

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